What to Pack for Beach Vacation Woman


A minimalist’s guide for What To Pack For Beach Vacation Woman? Perhaps this information may be more useful for women than for men. After all, according to statistics, the women have a greater volume of suitcases and a greater number of them, even if the flight is just for a week, and the flight will take a maximum of two hours. But still a woman needs to take so much stuff with them, not even to look beautiful, but to feel beautiful and confident even on vacation.

Man, collecting a suitcase or a bag on vacation, acting as practical as possible and takes only what he can not do without, and everything else he leaves at home. Women sometimes pack bags on impulse, taking unnecessary things that end up being unnecessary on vacation, and the sea and the sun is so relaxing that you do not even want to make up and put on a new dress – enough old favorite shorts and T-shirt. But still, we will try to describe what she needs to take on vacation at sea of clothing and other things for women, and already for herself to choose, what exactly of this list will need to take it with her in her particular case.


What to Pack for Beach Vacation Woman

What to bring for a beach holiday?

1. Towels for the body and beach.

What to Pack for Beach Vacation Woman

What to Pack for Beach Vacation Woman

If you’re flying to a hotel in Egypt, Tunisia or Turkey, for example, which is all inclusive, then do not need to bring a towel or a beach towel – the hotel provides it all for free.

2. Beach chairs and beach umbrellas.

What to Pack for Beach Vacation Woman

What to Pack for Beach Vacation Woman

All inclusive hotels usually provide free sun beds and beach umbrellas (just in case you should check with a travel agent, if all these things are provided free of charge by the hotel). If you go to a regular hotel by car, you can take a beach umbrella and sun lounger. If you have to carry all the things in your hands, it is better to rent all the necessary items at a surcharge. Virtually all equipped beaches can rent all the necessary things for recreation on the beach.

The blanket is unlikely anyone rents, so you will have to take it with you if necessary. Again, if you go on vacation in your car. Drag a blanket to the airport in the hands is unlikely to be appropriate and convenient.

3. An inflatable mattress, a circle, a vest, or a swimming pillow.

Also may be useful for a more interesting pastime in the water. Especially relevant and important will be such products for those who do not know how to swim or are still just learning. Just remember the rules of safety always and everywhere!

Clothing according to the climate and the average temperature at the resort will prompt what to take and what is not necessary on vacation. Before the trip to clarify the climatic characteristics and temperature conditions of the location (district, region) of the country where you are going to vacation at a time of month and year, when the trip is planned. It may well be that at this time is usually there, for example, are raining, and need to take a jacket or a special polyethylene cape (raincoat).


What to Pack for Beach Vacation Woman

What to Pack for Beach Vacation Woman


List of things to take on vacation at sea

Here is a list of necessary and important, as well as possible useful things for vacation at sea.

  • Money and documents: passport, insurance, money is better put separately and even in a waterproof plastic bag on a zipp-lock (zipper).


  • Sunglasses are essential, because it’s impossible to do without them at sea, the sun dazzles eyes too much. However, instead of glasses you can take a hat with a wide brim or a cap with a visor.


  • Sunscreen for the body: creams, sprays, lotions, and other appropriate. Without these products in the sun you can quickly and badly burn and the next few days will have to hide from the sun. The more so that too much sun is not good for the skin.


  • Toiletries and cosmetic supplies: toilet soap, laundry soap if necessary, toothbrush and toothpaste, disposable bags (with shampoo for hair and shower gel/foam/cream) or small camping containers with these liquids for travel (also very handy). Deodorants, antiperspirants. You should also calculate whether you need to take special products for “critical days” with you on the trip.


  • Expensive jewelry is better to leave at home, because on the beach or in the water they can quite imperceptibly lose. But the simple inexpensive, but very beautiful, cute and stylish can be taken with you. For example, beads made of natural stones for evening walks.


  • Makeup at sea relevant – it is mascara and lip gloss, everything else is purely individual. You can take a full arsenal, or you can limit yourself to the most important and necessary cosmetics. Do not forget to put in the cosmetic bag a small mirror, a rubber band for hair and a few invisible, just in case.


  • Means against mosquitoes: sprays or special fumigators with a changeable liquid or plates are needed if you go on vacation to places where there are lots of these insects, and you have an allergy to them, and each bite is very stressful and does not give a proper rest.


  • Chargers for your smartphone, tablet, laptop. If you are traveling together, it is better to take two chargers, so that you can charge two gadgets at once.


  • If necessary, you should take the necessary individual medications prescribed by a doctor and agreed on their use during the holiday at sea. Be sure to check their expiration date and know how they must be stored properly, so they do not spoil on the road.


  • Headache pills are also better to take with you, because this insidious pain can occur both on the road and on vacation. It is better to have them with you.


  • Travel first aid kit may also include disinfectants, antipyretics, wound healing agents, pain relievers, remedies for intestinal disorders, cold remedies.


What to Take on Vacation from Clothes

What to Pack for Beach Vacation Woman

What to Pack for Beach Vacation Woman

Beachwear and shoes:

  • swimsuit, swimming trunks,
  • T-shirts, shirts, tops,
  • light shorts,
  • pareo,
  • Flip-flops or flip-flops (as beach shoes).

Hats for the beach and excursions (it can be a cap, scarf, hat, panama).

Clothing and shoes for the walk or excursion: dress and/or skirt, shorts, top (T-shirt and/or T-shirt), sandals or sandals.

Warm clothes in case of bad weather: windbreaker and/or warm long-sleeved sweatshirt, jeans or pants, sneakers or sneakers, warm socks.

Underwear for all days of rest in case washing is not foreseen and a pair of underwear and shirts if washing is possible, for example if you take a piece or half of laundry soap with you.

Nightgowns or pajamas for sleeping.


What to take on vacation in Greece

  • comfortable shoes without heels (in Greece there are a lot of attractions from the Ancient Greece era and they will certainly want to visit, which will be quite a problem to do on heels),
  • headgear to protect your head from the sun,
  • Attention on the beach also do not forget, because on some beaches there can be even a sea urchin
  • first aid kit, if you do have to step on the sea urchin.


What do you need to take on holiday in Turkey

  • comfortable outdoor shoes for walking and bus tours,
  • short skirts and shorts, light, open clothing,
  • petty cash to tip porters, drivers, hotel maids,
  • a hat to protect your head from the sun’s rays,
  • warm sweater for bus tours (buses in Turkey are equipped with air conditioning and when you leave for excursions early in the morning in the bus can be quite cool).

What do you need to take on holiday in Tunisia

  • Sundress to the floor or a long skirt (because Tunisia is a Muslim country and on tours, for example, the Medina, you need to observe the rules of dress and behavior of women in public),
  • A hat to protect your head from the sun,
  • Closed T-shirt, which for the same reasons will cover the shoulders and cleavage area.

What to take on vacation in Egypt

  • Shawl or stoles to cover your face from the sand on the excursions in Luxor,
  • slippers for corals (aqua-shoes), a mask and snorkel for scuba diving can be bought at home, or you can already in Egypt (the red sea has an excellent underwater world),
  • Long clothes for excursions so as not to get burnt in the sun,
  • a hat to protect your head from the sun’s rays,
  • small dollars (1 each) for tips,
  • sunscreen to protect you from the strong sun.

Have a great holiday and beautiful sunny weather!