Top 10 Places to Visit in France


Top 10 Places to Visit in France: 

France is a real gem of a country that can truly entertain anyone. Think picturesque medieval towns, wonderful surf spots, lush Mediterranean coastline, giant flea markets, wine and cheese, you name it!!! When it comes to variety, France is hard to beat: the south is completely different from the north, the cities have their own unique identity, and the beaches are, well, just incredible and not to be missed.

The great thing is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get around France. Even in the most expensive cities like Paris, there are plenty of ways to save money and save your wallet. So what are you waiting for? There are plenty of places to visit in France, but here’s our list of the best places to visit in France for an epic summer trip.



Perched on a hill in southeastern France, Rocamadour is one of the most beautiful places to visit. This UNESCO World Heritage site will instantly kidnap your heart and you will never want to leave. Explore Rocamadour Castle for a breathtaking view, and a stroll through the town with its cobblestone streets is not to be missed! If you are staying near Toulouse, Rocamadour is perfect for an out-of-town trip! Rent a car with some of the new friends made at the hostel so you can split the costs, and in two hours you will be in one of the most beautiful places to visit in France! Oh and if you are still not convinced, they make delicious goat cheese in Rocamadour!



Near the border with Belgium, Lille is extremely adorable and is one of the most beautiful places in France for a weekend getaway to save money. Lille is a city chock-full of things to do even if you are on a budget: we particularly like the Natural History Museum, which has one of the best insectaria in the world! The wonderful citadel dating back to the 17th century; and if you are going to Lille around September you can enjoy one of Europe’s largest flea markets at the annual “Braderie de Lille” event. After exploring all this, recharge your batteries at “Piccolino” for some really really good pizza at a more than affordable price! What makes Lille one of the most beautiful places in France is definitely its low prices and old-fashioned atmosphere!

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Dune de Pilat

You may not believe it, but this place is right in Europe! Imagine a huge white sand dune stretching for miles and miles with the sea on one side and a lush forest on the other. If this is your idea of paradise, then you must add Dune De Pilat to your list of things to see in France! It is the highest sand dune in Europe and for now it still remains a very quiet place, despite its fame on Instagram! Dune de Pilat is an hour’s drive from Bordeaux and you will find plenty of places to surf along the way, such as Hossegor and Biarritz. Great day trip!



Located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, Collognes-La-Rouge is truly “red” as its name implies! This beautiful little village is about 1,000 years old! Stop in front of the Castel De Vassinhac, the perfect shape of the Maison de la Sirène and the little houses along the narrow streets will make your envy soar! This little village is truly one of the most beautiful places to visit in France, but a word of warning: you will want to move here, buy a “beret” and eat pain au chocolat until the end of your days.



Nice is one of the most beautiful and famous cities in France, second only to Paris. We all have the perception that the French Riviera is extremely expensive, but it is not, you just need to know where to go! There are hostels starting from €12 per night that will offer you hundreds of free activities! The beaches here are incredible, the food delicious-you will be in paradise! Remember to try the famous “socca”: a healthy crepe made of chickpea flour and olive oil! You can find it in the old part of town for a few euros! If you want to know more, we have dedicated an article on things to do in Nice about this city to visit in France and also about all the things to eat !



With its headlands, rocks, turquoise waters and sandy beaches, Étretat is one of the most adorable towns in Normandy. Not only that, but it is also home to an incredible sculpture gallery within a park! The Jardins D’ Étretat are one of the strangest and most fascinating places in France. It is surprising that many people, even French people, do not know of the existence of this treasure! Perched on a promontory overlooking the gulf, these gardens are filled with giant heads with strange expressions. Guaranteed fun!



Surf lovers, are you there! You recognize this amazing place in France, don’t you? For those who have just jumped into the world of surfing, Hossegor is one of the best places to catch waves, adored by the surfing community because of its year-round warm waters. Although surfing is the main attraction, you can enjoy other outdoor activities here in Hossegor: sup, windsurfing, skateboarding, biking, and walking! We know for a fact that you will not be bored, even on the flattest day. Here you will find the Jo&Joe hostel, one of the most beautiful hostels in France.



Located in Périgord, Issigeac is a small medieval village that oozes history. With less than 1,000 inhabitants, expect a 100 percent authentic experience. Get lost in the narrow streets of this charming village, enter the church of Saint-Felicien d’Issigeac, and enjoy a French beer on one of those romantic terraces! If you visit Issigeac on a Saturday, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the market that will offer hundreds of delicacies! Belly made hut!



Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world, needless to say! And although it is a destination teeming with tourists, it is one of those cities you CANNOT miss! Despite its popularity, it is possible to see the city of lovers even if we are penniless! There are some beautiful and very central hostels (try Les Piaules Hostel or Arty Paris Hostel) that will offer you lots of free activities in Paris! Get lost in the secret vineyards of Monmartre, watch life flow by along the Canal Saint-Martin; rummage through the stalls of the Paris flea markets and keep your eyes peeled for Arago’s exclusive medallions. Contrary to what everyone thinks, you can find dozens of places to eat Paris on the cheap: head to Chez le Libanais for a very tasty Lebanese stawarma, or accurate some simple but delicious French snacks in a supermarket and have a nice picnic near the Eiffel Tower. Have more questions about one of the most beautiful cities in France, not that in the world? Well, read here.



Bordeaux is becoming one of the hippest destinations for an alternative weekend getaway. The region is known for its excellent wines, but Bordeaux also has a variety of food to match. Think vegan food trucks, hipster cafes, and old-fashioned markets offering the best local produce. If you can carve out time between drinking and eating, enjoy a stroll along the river: here you will find dozens of vintage stores and college bars just waiting for you!