Things To Do in Amsterdam For Kids

Looking for some fun Things To Do in Amsterdam For Kids? There’s plenty to keep them occupied, from exploring the city’s many museums to taking a canal cruise. And, of course, there’s always the option of simply wandering around and taking in the sights. In this blog post, we’ll share some of our top recommendations.

Things To Do in Amsterdam For Kids

Amsterdam is a great city for kids and everyone in the family. It’s easy to get around, there are museums and playgrounds, it has plenty of green spaces, and so much more! When visiting Amsterdam with your family, don’t miss out on all of the fun things to do!

Things To Do in Amsterdam For Kids

Things To Do in Amsterdam For Kids

Amsterdam is a great city for kids and everyone in the family.

Amsterdam is a great city for kids and everyone in the family.

Amsterdam is a great city for families, with many things to do in Amsterdam. The city has many museums, parks and other attractions that are suitable for all ages. Families can visit these attractions together or separately depending on how much time they have available. Families who have young children will appreciate how easy it is to find places where they can play safely with their children without worrying about getting lost or being injured by dangerous objects such as glass shards or sharp edges on playground equipment (especially if you’re visiting during summer months).

Museums are great places to take kids of all ages.

Amsterdam has many museums, and you can take your kids to all of them. The Rijksmuseum is a great place to start, but there are also many others: Van Gogh Museum, Van Abbemuseum and Stedelijk Museum are just a few examples. You may want to check out their website before planning your visit so that you know if they’re free or not.

Museums are great for kids of all ages because they give them the opportunity to learn about history through art and artifacts from around the world!

If you visit Amsterdam with your kids, don’t miss out on the playgrounds!

Amsterdam has many playgrounds, and they’re all located in parks, along canals, and on docks. There are also some great playgrounds that aren’t necessarily part of a park or recreation area:

Things To Do in Amsterdam For Kids

Things To Do in Amsterdam For Kids

  • The Vondelpark is one of the largest parks in Amsterdam and is home to several playgrounds including an adventure course for children. It’s open year round—even during winter!
  • De Pijp is another popular park where you can find fun activities like mini golf courses or bowling alleys (which we did). This park has an excellent play area called “De Draak” where kids will enjoy climbing ropes and platforms while playing with balls or riding ponies around their own private track. They’ll also be able to explore nature at this place by hiking through woods filled with trees made up from recycled materials like wood chips from old houses being torn down around town…and who doesn’t love recycling?!

The canals offer a unique looking at Amsterdam.

The canals are the city’s most prominent feature. They were built in the 17th century as part of an effort to keep flooding under control and provide water for Amsterdam’s residents.

The canal system is still used today for transportation, fishing and recreation, but it also offers a unique way to explore Amsterdam. You can take your kids down into the dark waters of one of these waterways and watch as they pass by some beautiful old buildings—and maybe even spot some wild ducks or other wildlife!

Food in Amsterdam is often great for kids.

If you’re looking for a place to eat in Amsterdam, be sure to check out the food. You can often find great places for kids, especially if you look around at all of the options. Many restaurants have children’s menus with their own separate sections or sections specifically designed for children. Some restaurants even offer special meals just for kids! Plus, many restaurants have play areas where kids can play while they wait (and parents too!).

The Netherlands has a lot of great places to eat, and some of the best places for kids are restaurants. There are many different types of restaurants in Amsterdam, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs!

There are a few farms around Amsterdam.

There are a few farms around Amsterdam that have open-air markets where you can buy fresh produce. You can also visit the farms and see how food is grown, which is a great way to learn about farming and food production.

If you’re looking for a fun day out with your kids, this would be a great activity for them!

The best place to find a list of open-air markets is on the website of the Dutch Tourist Board. You can also check out their Facebook page for updates on events and news about Amsterdam.

There’s more to do in Amsterdam than smoke pot!

While Amsterdam is a great city for kids, it’s also a great place for adults to explore. With museums and playgrounds galore, there’s something for everyone in the family—even if you’re not planning on enjoying your weed all day.

If you’re visiting with your kids or taking them on a trip abroad: don’t miss out on the playgrounds! There are plenty of parks and other amenities that will keep young ones busy while they wait for their parents to finish at their favorite museum exhibits or monuments.


Here’s the thing: there are so many things to do in Amsterdam for kids. The city is filled with museums, playgrounds, and even farms! What kid doesn’t like a trip to the zoo? You can even find great food options if you’re looking for something more on-the-go. And when you’re not out exploring the best sights in town, make sure to stay at one of these incredible hotels!