Fun Things to Do in Sevierville TN: A Must-See Destination!


Have you ever wanted to experience a unique and Fun Things to Do in Sevierville TN? Or maybe explore the beauty of nature in scenic surroundings? If so, then Sevierville, Tennessee is the perfect destination for you! Located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, this small town has something for everyone.

From outdoor recreation and amazing attractions, to delicious eateries and vibrant shopping opportunities, this destination offers something for every type of traveler. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or an adrenaline junkie—or perhaps just looking for a relaxing getaway—Sevierville is sure to have something that will pique your interest.

In this article, we’ll provide some insight into what makes Sevierville one of the most sought-after destinations in Tennessee. From popular tourist attractions and must-see sights, to unique activities and cultural events, you’ll find plenty Fun Things to Do in Sevierville TN! Read on to learn more!

Fun Things to Do in Sevierville TN

Fun Things to Do in Sevierville TN

Fun Things to Do in Sevierville TN: A Must-See Destination!

Experiences Outside in Sevierville

Ready to explore all that Sevierville has to offer? Look no further—no matter what type of experience you’re seeking, there’s something here for everyone.

Start your adventure outdoors with a visit to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. From hiking and camping to fishing, horseback riding, and nature photography, the Park is a mecca of outdoor opportunities. And for a taste of adventure in the sky, take a zip-line tour through the hills or set out on an incredible soaring journey in one of Sevierville’s hot air balloons!

If you’re on the hunt for adrenaline-pumping entertainment, adventure parks are another great way to experience the outdoors. Sevierville features two attractions that will challenge even the bravest of thrill seekers: Adventure Park Zip Lines and The Forbidden Caverns. Both offer exciting ways to explore the great outdoors!

Indoor Activities in Sevierville

Despite its small size, Sevierville is a great place to take a break and explore some fun indoor activities. From museums to galleries, this charming town has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for something educational, the Titanic Museum in Sevierville is perfect for the whole family. You can explore detailed recreations of the ship, view artifacts from its passengers, and even get hands-on with interactive exhibits.

And for the classic movie lovers out there, the Hollywood Wax Museum is sure to be a hit. Here you can snap photos with life-size celebrity wax figures and learn all about the rich history of Hollywood film-making.

If you’re in search of something a little more artistic, Sevierville has plenty to offer as well. The Smoky Mountain Artisans’ Gallery features local creations like jewelry, pottery and paintings crafted by local artists. Or if you’re feeling creative yourself, why not sign up for a class at A Brush With Life Studio? Here you can learn how to paint landscapes or abstracts with the help of an experienced instructor.

Festivals and Events in Sevierville

Sevierville is an amazing place to visit if you want to experience an array of festivals and events! Every month, locals and visitors alike flock to the town square to enjoy live music, food, and other activities.

Music & Arts Festivals

Music and arts festivals are becoming increasingly popular in Sevierville. These events feature various entertainers from the local area, from jazz bands to folk groups. You can also find new up-and-coming artists who are just starting their music career.

Sporting Events

Sevierville is also home to a number of sporting events throughout the year. These include professional hockey games, tennis tournaments, and even golf tournaments. Whatever your favorite sport might be, you can find something fun in Sevierville!

Community Events

In addition to sporting events and festivals, Sevierville has a range of community events that cater to both locals and visitors. These range from farmers markets and craft shows, to car shows and other entertainment opportunities like karaoke nights or theater productions. That means there’s something for everyone no matter what you’re into!

Eating and Drinking in Sevierville

Are you a foodie looking for gastronomic adventures? Then you’ve come to the right place! Sevierville, TN is your perfect destination—here, you have endless options when it comes to dining and drinking.

Restaurants and Eateries

Sevierville has restaurants and eateries galore, so no matter what your palate desires, there’s sure to be something that will tantalize your taste buds. From BBQ restaurants to Italian eateries and steakhouses, the city has a wide variety of cuisines available for you to choose from.

Bars and Pubs

What better way to end a long day of exploring than visiting one of Sevierville’s lively bars and pubs? From cozy tap houses where you can sample craft beers from local brewers, to wine bars with an extensive selection of wines from around the world, there are plenty of options for relaxation and entertainment.

You can even find mountain-style bars where the locals congregate after work—where you can get a cold beer while playing pool or darts! So no matter what type of drinks you are craving, Sevierville will not disappoint.

Shopping and Nightlife in Sevierville

Sevierville has something for everyone when it comes to shopping and nightlife. If you’re looking for a great night out, why not check out one of the many bars, pubs and clubs in the downtown area? There’s always something going on in Sevierville.

Bars & pubs

From quaint local pubs to lively bars, you’ll find plenty of great spots in Sevierville. With live music and DJs, you can dance the night away or just relax with friends over cocktails. Whether you’re after a unique craft beer or a creative twist on classics like martinis and margaritas, Sevierville has something for everyone!


Sevierville is also home to some of the best shopping around. From trendy boutiques to vintage stores, you’ll find everything from clothes and accessories to furniture and antiques—and even handmade crafts! After a day of checking out the shops, why not grab a bite at one of the great restaurants or cafes in town?

You won’t want to miss all that Sevierville has to offer when it comes to shopping and nightlife:

  • Great selection of bars, pubs and clubs
  • Unique craft beers and creative twists on classic cocktails
  • Trendy boutiques and vintage stores
  • Variety of restaurants and cafes

Best Time for a Visit to Sevierville

You’ve heard how amazing Sevierville is, so when should you plan your trip? Anytime and every season is a great time to visit Sevierville! Whether you’re looking for outdoor fun in the warmer months, or a cozy getaway in the cooler months, Sevierville has something for everyone.


The blooming of spring flowers brings with it gorgeous weather and plenty of outdoor activities. Spend a day at the nearby Gatlinburg Aquarium, or take a relaxing stroll on one of the nature trails at Nature Trails National Park. And who could resist visiting Dolly Parton’s Dollywood during their spring season? There’s so much to do and see!


Sevierville’s summer season means more outdoor activities like whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and zip lining. Adventure seekers can find what they’re looking for in nearby Pigeon Forge, while nature-lovers will love exploring nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park. And don’t forget The Island in Pigeon Forge—a family-friendly entertainment center full of fun activities!


Fall in Sevierville offers vibrant colors, crisp air, and plenty of festivals like Oktoberfest at Ober Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountain Trout Tournament. Take a drive along Clinch Mountain backroads to experience some awe-inspiring views of fall foliage that’s not to be missed. Plus, there are still plenty of outdoor activities to be enjoyed!


While the days may be shorter during wintertime in Sevierville, there are still plenty of places to visit and things to do. You can ski

Conclusion: Fun Things to Do in Sevierville TN

In summary, a trip to Sevierville TN is a must. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures, downtown shopping, or delicious local eats, you can find it here. It is the perfect destination for a family vacation or a weekend getaway with friends. Get ready to have a blast in Sevierville TN and create memories to cherish for a lifetime!