How to go to Disney World on a Budget


Now it is possible to go to Disney World on a Budget. To the real paradise of fun for adults and children. When talking about amusement parks with capital letters scattered all over the planet, the first place on the list belongs, almost without discussion, to Disney World, the magical entertainment complex located in the city of Orlando, in the state of Florida (United States).

Let’s take a brief look at the history of this mega amusement park. Construction began in 1967, less than a year after the death of the creator of the world-famous animation factory, Walt Disney. On October 1, 1971, the park known as Magic Kingdom opened its doors. Later, the theme parks Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom were added to the complex.

In addition to the four main theme parks, the complex has two water parks, six golf courses, a sports complex, two shopping malls, twenty-four Disney hotels, numerous stores and restaurants. The total area of the property is 12,000 hectares. Almost nothing.

Taking a trip to Disney World is the dream of every child and of many adults, since it is a fantasy kingdom where a thousand and one things can happen. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t have the budget to be able to indulge ourselves. But thanks to some of the tips provided to travelers, you, the reader, can travel to Disney World on a budget.


4 Tips to go to Disney World on a Budget:

1. Make your trip in low season

4 tips to go to Disney World on a budget

4 tips to go to Disney World on a budget

Like most destinations that are very popular during summer and winter vacations, Disneyland’s high season is one of the most demanded. That is why the price of lodging, transportation and park entrance tickets are more expensive than in other dates.


If you really want to save money, it is recommended that you prepare your trip during the months of January and September. During those dates the number of people visiting Disney World is much smaller, so prices are much more affordable. The adventure can be scheduled for fall or early winter.


2. Take advantage of different packages

There are tourist companies that offer different packages which, depending on the destination the traveler is planning to go to and the budget he/she has, can be adapted to his/her interests in a very interesting way.


Before preparing the trip, it is advisable to investigate among the different offers available in any Disney World package: it is likely that the trip can be financed for several months without interest and it will be easier to carry out the adventure.


3. Hire an all-inclusive hotel

Most hotels in Disneyland have breakfast and buffet meals included in the main package, although the characteristics of each of these promotions may vary from one place to another. It never hurts to find a place that makes it easier for travelers to take care of certain important matters, such as meals.


In this theme park there are many restaurants and fast food places where the traveler may possibly miss a large part of the budget. That is why you can save and get what the hotel offers the traveler. You will have a better chance of walking away with some savings unscathed.


4. Use coupon books

4 tips to go to Disney World on a budget

4 tips to go to Disney World on a budget

Once inside Disney World, the traveler can get hold of a discount coupon book, which will allow him to save in most of the hotels, restaurants, in transportation or in the attractions themselves that are scattered throughout the leisure complex. With these coupons you can obtain very interesting discounts without the need to make your pocket suffer.


These are just a few tips for travelers to enjoy their stay in the world’s largest amusement park while keeping their personal finances well balanced. Don’t forget to put them into practice and enjoy your next vacation to the fullest.