Cheapest Time To Go Spain


We tell you when it’s Cheapest Time To Go Spain. Weather by month – water and air temperature. When beach holidays and sale seasons begin and end. Tourist reviews of the weather.

Cheapest Time To Go Spain:


1. When is the beach season in Spain?

The bathing season in Spanish resorts lasts from May to October. In late spring, the sea water is not yet warm enough, so there are few tourists. Most tourists come in July and August. When is the best time to vacation in Spain with a child? We advise to choose June or September – in the middle of summer in the Mediterranean Sea is too hot.


2. During the sale season in Spain.

Spain has two great seasons of bargains – Spanish for rebajas. Winter sales begin after New Year holidays – January 2-7 and end during the first decade of March. Summer sales start July 1 and last until the end of August.

Some regions of Spain have their own rules. For example, in Madrid in winter sales are from January 1 to March 31, and Valencia in summer opens the season of discounts from June 27 to September 3. In addition, there are Christmas sales, which begin on December 1 and end before the New Year.


3. Weather in Spain by month.


  • Water and air temperature: In Spain, there is no cold weather as we are accustomed to. In January, the temperature is +13 … +17 ° C in the resorts, +20 ° C in Tenerife and +10 ° C in Madrid. The sea water is cool +13 … +19 ° C.


  • Weather conditions: The rainfall varies by region. The south of the country and the Canary Islands are sunny and warm. In Galicia and Asturias, the weather is rainy.


  • Tourist reviews: Winter Spain is as interesting as the summer. Fans of mountain skiing and snowboarding go to ski resorts. According to tourist reviews, recreation in the mountains is convenient to combine with interesting excursions, because the resorts are located near the main cities. In early winter in Spain is the sale season, so the country is eagerly coming fans of shopping.



  • Water and air temperature: The air temperature in February is +14 … +16°C, in Malaga and Tenerife +18 … +20°C. Sea water temperature: +13 … +14°C. The temperature is +15…+16°C near the southern coast of the country, and +19°C in Tenerife.


  • Weather conditions: Spanish winters are mild. In comparison with January, the rainfall is less. Frosts occur only in the north of the country and in the mountains.


  • Tourist reviews: In February in Spain, the ski season continues. The main winter resorts are located in the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada. The air temperature there ranges from +1 to -8 ° C. Tourists note that in late winter the weather on the coast is capricious. Clear, sunny days are often replaced by rain and soggy winds.




  • Water and Air Temperatures: With the onset of spring it gets warmer. Air temperature +16 … +21 ° C and sea water +14 … +19 ° C.


  • Weather conditions: The Spanish spring is the most romantic time of the year. Green leaves appear everywhere, mimosas bloom, almond and citrus gardens bloom. In the north and north-west of Spain it is still cool and damp, but in the south there is a lot of sun.


  • Tourist reviews: March is the month when it is better to rest in Spain for lovers of excursions. According to reviews, in Madrid it is already warm +16 ° C. You can walk in light clothing. Ski season is coming to an end. In the south of Gran Canaria and Tenerife, where the sea water is heated to +19 … +21 ° C, there are beach lovers.



  • Water and air temperature: In April, the air temperature is +17 … +22 ° C and the sea water +15 … +19 ° C.


  • Weather conditions: There is more rain in the north, north-west and central parts of Spain. In Galicia in April there are at least 13 rainy days. The southern coast pleases with dry and sunny weather.


  • Tourist reviews: April is the last month before the start of the beach season. Prices for tours to Spain are still low, so you can save money. In spring, it is better to rest in Spain for those who like to see the sights. The weather is not hot, and on the popular sightseeing routes there are no crowds of tourists. If you want to swim in the sea, choose the Canaries.



  • Water and air temperature: It is almost summer in Spain in May. The air temperature is +21 … +24 ° C and the sea water +17 … +20 ° C.


  • Weather conditions: Daylight hours lasts up to 14.5 hours. Evenings are not as chilly as in March and April, while the rains come 5-7 times a month. Andalusia and the Canary Islands are the warmest. Tourists enjoy sunbathing during the day.


  • Tourist reviews: In May in Spain, the beach season starts. The cool sea gives a pleasant freshness, but not yet suitable for long swims. The snow is melting in the mountains, opening up routes for trekkers. Travelers say that apart from beach holidays and city tours, May is also a good time to visit national parks, go sailing, scuba diving and surfing.



  • Water and air temperature: In early summer, the air temperature is +25 … +28°C and the sea water +21 … +24°C.


  • Weather conditions: In June, the number of sunny days increases to 30 and rains are rare. At night, it is still cool +13 … +15 ° C. During the day tourists walk around in light clothing and for evening promenades you should take some warm clothes!


  • Tourist reviews: If you have not decided when it is best to go to Spain with children, choose June. At the beginning of school vacations in the Spanish resorts there is no strong heat, and the sea water is warm enough. Except beach entertainments and water parks, ecotourism, walks on horses, trips by bicycles, mountain and paragliding are popular. Tourists believe that in June the most enjoyable vacation is in Andalucia, Ibiza and Tenerife.



  • Water and air temperatures: It is getting hotter. The air temperature is +28 … +31 ° C and the sea water +22 … +24 ° C. The sea warms up to +27°C in Malaga.


  • Weather conditions: There are no cloudy days in July. The sun burns from morning to evening. Sometimes the thermometer rises to +34 … +36 ° C. Spaniards and tourists escape the heat in the sea, in shady parks and air-conditioned rooms.


  • Tourist reviews: The high season in Spain is in full swing. According to reviews, excursions are not too popular because of the heat. Vacationers alternate beach holidays with visits to restaurants and entertainment centers. In the middle of summer in Spain the season of sales, there are many colorful holidays and festivals.



  • Water and Air Temperature: August weather in Spain is hot. The average temperature is +29 … +32 ° C. During the day the thermometer rises to +34 … +37 ° C. The sea water is very warm +25 … +28 ° C.


  • Weather conditions: The weather is dry all over the country and the rains are rare. It is especially hard to bear the high temperatures in the cities and open areas. At night the air cools down to +23 … +24 ° C, so you can have a little rest from the heat of the day.


  • Reviews of tourists: At the end of the summer, holidaymakers swim in the sea, sunbathing, visiting water parks, diving and snorkeling. At the end of the month, the heat at the resorts drops. According to tourists, the last decade of August is quite suitable for recreation with small children, elderly travelers and anyone who suffers from diseases of the heart and blood vessels.


  • The Marco Polo experience: We lived in August in Andalusia, the frying pan of Europe. It was unbearably hot during the day, hard to walk around town. If you are unaccustomed to the heat, it is better to vacation in Spain in other months or spend time by the sea.



  • Water and air temperature: Velvet season in Spain is pleasantly warm. The air temperature is +26 … +28 ° C and sea water +23 … +25 ° C. Swimming is very comfortable!


  • Weather conditions: Autumn is late in the Iberian Peninsula. There are only two cloudy days in September. At the seaside resorts there is dry weather, the rainfall is rare.


  • Tourist reviews: September is one of the best months to vacation in Spain at sea. Until the middle of the month there are a lot of tourists on the beaches, but then the resorts are empty. The hot weather is behind, and in the beginning of autumn excursions are popular. Explore the monuments, go to the amusement parks and try Spanish cuisine!



  • Water and Air Temperature: The air temperature in October is +21 … +26°C during the day and +17 … +19°C at night. The sea is warm +21 … +24 ° C. Beach season in Spain continues.


  • Weather conditions: Sunny days are less – 25. In September it rains for about a third of the month. Bring an umbrella, waterproof raincoat and shoes, a fleece and a light jacket.


  • Tourist feedback: Beach holidays are coming to an end, tourists disperse, and trips to Spain are getting cheaper. According to tourists, the autumn weather is good for excursions, sailing and surfing. Visit the national holiday – the Day of Spain, which is celebrated on October 12.



  • Water and Air Temperature: The weather in Spain in November is still warm. The air temperature is +16 … +20 ° C, and sea water +17 … +19 ° C. Swimming is possible only in Malaga and Tenerife, where the sea is heated to +21 … +22 ° C.


  • Weather conditions: The weather in November is unstable and long-term forecasts are difficult. Number of sunny days is reduced to 21 per month. Rains more often.


  • Feedback from tourists: In late autumn it is better to go to Spain for those who are interested in historical sights. In the country with pleasure come lovers of gastronomic tourism. In November, you can visit the olive festival in the town of Baena and fairs, which are held in honor of the end of agricultural work.



  • Water and Air Temperature: The temperature at the beginning of winter is +15 … +17°C. The sea cools down +15…+16°C, but the sea warms up to +19…+20°C in Málaga and Tenerife.


  • Weather conditions: By Russian standards in December in Spain, the weather is not winter. There are few overcast and rainy days. Only the cool winds remind us about the onset of the calendar winter.


  • Tourist feedback: Although in December in Spain there is a low season, there are enough tourists – everyone is preparing for Christmas and the New Year. Travelers from different countries are happy to meet the holidays, get acquainted with Spanish cities and go skiing. In late December hotels are full. We advise to book accommodation in advance!