15 Cheapest Places to Travel in March


Cheapest Places to Travel in March, depending on what you are pursuing, will delight you with a wide range of choices: the beaches of Southeast Asia is still excellent weather and warm sea, and skiing in early spring is still possible in time. March is not a high season and the most popular period for tourist trips, which means that you can take advantage of this very significant benefit, because the prices of tours have not yet started to grow exponentially.

From year to year in early March there is the same question, how to congratulate a woman on International Women’s Day? Undoubtedly, the most non-trivial surprise will be a trip to a country she has long dreamed of visiting. Such a gift no woman will not forget for a long time. In order not to spoil the surprise and not to ferret out the destination, the most winning option will be a vacation on the beach, as absolutely any member of the fair sex will be delighted by such a gift.


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Where to go to the sea in March 2022?

In many countries in March has not yet passed the bathing season. You can safely go to the Dominican Republic, Cuba or the Maldives. This kind of vacation will not disappoint anyone, as a long winter is already a little tired, and the warmth will return even in the near future.


15 Cheapest Places to Travel in March:


1. Vietnam

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

Early spring in Vietnam is a good enough season for a beach holiday, as the average annual rainfall is kept to a minimum. The warmest, if not the hottest weather will please holidaymakers on the island of Phu Quoc. The coastal waters are heated to +27 ° C, and the air temperature is at a mark of +33 ° C. You should go to the north only for excursion and educational purposes. Despite the fact that it is dry enough, the temperature will not let you swim.


Where to go on the beach: the south and south-east of the country, Fukuok Island.

Attractions: beaches, lagoons, nature, temples, amusement parks, markets, Buddha statues, fishing villages, for more information see the guide to Vietnam.

Weather: The temperature in Nha Trang is about +26 ° C. In Phan Thiet, it’s up to +29 ° C. More details – weather in Vietnam in March.


2. Thailand

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

Holidays in March in Thailand marks the smooth end of the tourist season, as not everyone can withstand a long stay in such a climate. The air temperature stably holds above +30 ° C, although for many compatriots it is a paradise after a long frost. But do not neglect the safety: you can sunbathe only in the morning and evening hours, be sure to use sunscreen and keep your hat on. If in the first half of the month there can still be rare rains, then closer to the end – the rains are minimized. In Thailand, exactly as in Vietnam, for bathing is more suitable for the southern part of the country.

Very beautiful and unusual festivals are held in Thailand in March. At the festival of tattoos you can decorate the body with a magical sign, and admire the art of combat at the festival of Thai boxing. But the most colorful festival in March is the festival of kites, when hundreds of images of animals, objects and mythical creatures soar into the air, and their keepers compete in skill control. The most important thing is that the wind on this day is “in a festive mood.”


Where to go to the beach: Krabi, Ko Chang, Pattaya.

Attractions: beaches, nature, Buddhist temples and shrines, architecture, see more in a guide to Thailand.

Weather: The air temperature reaches +33 ° C. Learn more about the weather in Thailand in March.


3. Island of Phuket

The beginning of spring on the island is the end of the tourist season. Towards the second half of the month the humidity increases, so a long stay outdoors in high humidity and temperature is not pleasant for everyone. The rains are not as often as in May and mostly at night. Many tourists are not deterred by this and head to the island paradise to catch the end of the bathing season.


Attractions: beaches, nature, more info in Phuket travel guide.

Weather: The air temperature reaches +33 ° C. Learn more about the weather in Phuket in March.


4. Goa

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

The beginning of spring attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world to the state of Goa. In March, the Arabian Sea warms up to +28 ° C. The weather is good because the amount of precipitation is still minimal compared to the summer period. One of the largest festivals in India is considered a celebration of the arrival of spring. The festival is accompanied by processions, folk festivals and dances. During the carnival everyone sprinkles water on each other and sprinkle colorful powder, it is worth considering when going out.


Where to go to the beach: Any resort in the state.

Places of interest: beaches, waterfalls, Buddhist temples and shrines, nature, bays, jungle, for more information, see the guide to Goa.

Weather: In March, the air temperature reaches +33 ° C, and the water temperature reaches +27 ° C. Learn more about the weather in Goa in March.


5. Dominican Republic

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

March in the Dominican Republic is marked by a gradual decrease in the high season due to the increasing humidity. Temperatures will also rise. Bathing in March is very comfortable in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The early spring in the Dominican Republic hosts many interesting events, the largest being the Santo Domingo Carnival on Independence Day and the International Festival of Classical Music.


Where to go to the beach: Saona, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, San Cristobal, Santa Cruz de Barahona, Azua de Compostela.

Attractions: beaches, nature, Columbus Lighthouse, Santo Domingo Cathedral, statue of Christ, more – Dominican travel guide.

Weather: temperature of air and water – about +27 ° C. Read more – weather in the Dominican Republic in March.


6. Cuba

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

In March the Cuban weather is very variable: sometimes in calm weather alternates with a strong wind and even weather forecasters can not always predict it. In the absence of gusty winds you can rest on the beach comfortably. In March, Cuba attracts fishing enthusiasts. In the southeastern part of the country, away from the resort area can get a very good catch.


Where to go to the beach: Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, Havana, Varadero.

Attractions: nature, Capitol, Mausoleum of Che Guevara, beaches, bays, see more in Cuba travel guide.

Weather: the temperature reaches +28 ° C. Read more about the weather in Cuba in March.


7. Brazil

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

Every year in late February and early March, the world-famous carnival takes place in Rio de Janeiro, which attracts thousands of tourists from different countries. On the scale of the carnival in Rio can hardly be surpassed: it seems as if you get into an incredible fairy tale. By the way, Rio in March in terms of weather is one of the most successful resort cities in Brazil for a beach holiday.


Where to go to the beach: Rio de Janeiro.

Sights: nature, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, the Cathedral, Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Weather: the air temperature reaches approximately +33 °C. Read more – the weather in Brazil in March.


8. UAE

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

Towards the end of the month the water in the Persian Gulf gets warm enough for swimming. As is usual all year round, the Emirates delight tourists with big sales and events. In March it is the world championship golf, horse racing and a festival of classical music.


Where to go to the beach: resorts on the Persian Gulf.

Weather: The temperature is around +28 ° C. Water in the Gulf warms up to +24 ° C. Read more about the weather in the UAE in March.


9. Turkey

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

In March in Turkey, only skiing, sightseeing and shopping tours are possible. With the arrival of spring there is still a high probability of rain. The warmest in Side is about +18 °C. At this time of year, some tropical plants begin to bloom and the greenery is already gaining new juices.


Places of interest: nature, ancient forts, UNESCO heritage sites, mosques, and ancient cities, see more in Turkey travel guide.

Weather: temperatures range from +10 ° C to +18 ° C, depending on the region. Read more about the weather in Turkey in March.


10. Egypt

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

The weather in Egypt in March is quite unstable. The strong wind can mar the beach holiday. As a rule, in March – April there is a high probability of prolonged sandstorms and you can hardly leave your hotel.


Attractions: the desert, pyramids, temples, mosques, ancient cities, for more – a guide to Egypt.

Weather: temperatures range from +21 ° C to +32 ° C, depending on the region. Read more – the weather in Egypt in March.


11. Cyprus

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

Springtime Cyprus is filled with the scents of jasmine and orange blossoms. Despite the comfortable temperatures, the water has not yet warmed up enough for the opening of the bathing season. Sometimes there is still a chance of rain, so take this into account when planning a trip.


Where to go: Larnaca, Paphos, Ayia Napa, Famagusta, Protaros.

Attractions: Mount Olympus, ancient monuments of architecture, nature reserves, monasteries, for details see the guide to Cyprus or the Cyprus Dictionary.

Weather: temperatures reach +20°C. Read more – weather in Cyprus in March.


12. Israel

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

With the arrival of March the spirit of true spring begins to hang in the air. Despite the coolness, rain and wind in Israel at this time of year the daytime temperature is above 20 ° C. Naturally, swimming is out of the question, but March is a great month for sightseeing and walking in the holy places.


Where to go: Eilat, Haifa, Nazareth, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea.

Weather: +26°C in Eilat, +21°C in Jerusalem. Read more about the weather in Israel in March.



13. Tunisia

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

In Tunisia in March, you can still feel the presence of winter and it is too early to swim. As a rule, the purpose of trips to Tunisia in March is sightseeing and thalassotherapy. If you go to Tunisia in the second half of the month, you should take into account that the March 20 and 21 are major public holidays (Independence Day and Youth Day) and many stores and institutions will be closed.


Where to go: Sousse, Mohdia, Djerba, Tunis, Hammamet, Monastir.

Weather: The air warms up to +21 ° C. Read more – the weather in Tunisia in March.


14. Morocco

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

Morocco has excellent weather for sightseeing tours in March. It is not the “scorching” period of the sun and it is very comfortable to be outdoors. Swimming is out of the question due to the low water temperature. In Morocco, in March, gathers a lot of fans of event tourism, as in early spring the famous Tuareg Festival takes place. The three-day festival takes place in the desert in the settlements of the tribes. During this event you can get acquainted with the traditions, customs, rituals, life and culture of the unusual people and visit the fair, where you can buy local products and taste the cuisine of the Tuareg tribe.


Where to go: Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Fez and Agadir.

Weather: The air temperature reaches +20°C. Read more about the weather in Morocco in March.


Where to go in March 2022-23 without a visa

Entry to some countries for citizens of Russia is carried out on simplified terms. To visit these countries you need a passport. Visa-free tours have a wide range of advantages, the main of which is the absence of waiting and examination of documents at the consulate, and therefore saves time.


15. Georgia

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

Note: at the moment direct flights to Georgia are closed.

Georgia does not lose popularity for visiting throughout the year and March is no exception. March weather throughout the country is completely unpredictable. Rain and gusty winds alternate with dry and sunny weather: this is how the climatic balance is established in the country. The least amount of precipitation is in Tbilisi and Gudauri. In any case, the weather in Georgia is still quite cool, which is worth taking into account when packing for a trip.


Weather: +15 ° C in Batumi and Kutaisi, +8 ° C in Borjomi, +12 ° C in Tbilisi. Read more about the weather in Georgia in March.


16. Ski resorts

Cheapest Places to Travel in March

Important: A ski vacation in March is worth taking seriously. Spring snow melting often causes avalanches!

As a rule, in March many world resorts are getting ready for the smooth end of the season. At ski resorts, the beginning of spring kicks off the low season, and consequently ski resort prices drop significantly.


Great overview of ski resorts

Without a visa you can visit resorts in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, such as Georgia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. If you have no desire or opportunity to travel outside the country, you can go skiing in March in Russia, as the skiing season is not over yet. The main ski resorts in Russia can be found in the following collection of publications:

  • Ski resorts in Sochi
  • Ski resorts in Altai
  • “Khvalynsky”
  • “Igora
  • “Abzakovo”
  • “Elbrus
  • “Arkhyz”
  • “Dombay”