Cheap Vacation Ideas for Couples


Because there is nothing better than discovering the world together, our romantic travel deals are here to help you go on a cheap vacation ideas for couples!


Find the Romantic and Cheap Vacation Ideas for Couples

Going on vacation as a couple means taking a break from your daily routine and giving yourself special moments to be together. Depending on the type of experience you like to have together, romantic vacations can be very varied. Adventure, cocooning, cultural, relaxation, sports… each couple has its own desires for a successful vacation!

There is no shortage of opportunities to go on vacation in a romantic setting: anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or just because you like to celebrate your love every day. No more excuses not to please your loved one…


Where to go for Valentine’s Day?

What better way to warm hearts in the middle of winter than a special Valentine’s Day trip? Many options are possible depending on your desires and your traveler profile:

Cheap Vacation Ideas for Couples

Cheap Vacation Ideas for Couples

A romantic city trip: Are you a city traveler looking for culture and sightseeing? Then go celebrate your love in a big European city! There is no lack of choice at only a few hours flight from France with destinations all more romantic than the others: Venice, Rome, London, Prague, Vienna, Saint Petersburg, etc. Well, let’s not forget that Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of winter and that most European destinations still have very cold weather at this time. So if you’re the chilly type, go to the South of Europe (Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain) or treat yourself to a 1001 Nights getaway in Marrakech! And if you are not afraid of the cold, take the opportunity to treat yourself to the striking and romantic spectacle of the Aurora Borealis in Iceland, Lapland or Northern Norway!

A romantic getaway in the sun: You have more time and are thirsty for sun? For a particularly romantic Valentine’s Day getaway, head to the white sandy beaches of the Maldives, the Seychelles or even the Pacific Islands! With a smaller budget, you can consider a getaway to the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean, Mexico or Thailand, destinations for which we regularly find great deals in winter!

A couple’s ski trip: Want to celebrate your love and your common passion for winter sports? Between the slopes, a candlelit dinner around a raclette, mulled wine for two in the mountain restaurants and spicy evenings by the fire, a ski trip can also be particularly romantic on Valentine’s Day. Good news: we often offer cheap winter sports packages on Radins.com.

A romantic cruise: Whether you’re a regular cruiser or you want to try this type of travel for the first time, we have many offers that should definitely appeal to you. From huge boats that can accommodate thousands of people and offer a full service comfort, to small intimate sailboats going from island to island in the Caribbean or the Seychelles, there is bound to be a cruise that suits you! Do not hesitate to browse our offers to find the one that will make you happy!


Where to go for a romantic getaway?

Each place reveals a form of magic when you go on a romantic trip. But some destinations are particularly romantic. Here is a selection, not exhaustive, of the most pleasant places to discover for two.


Your Romantic Getaway in France

It is not for nothing that our beautiful country is one of the most visited in the world! Lovers from all over the world come to be inspired by the French lifestyle and romance. So where will you spend your romantic vacation in France? Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Cheap Vacation Ideas for Couples

Cheap Vacation Ideas for Couples

Annecy: The Venice of the Alps lives up to its nickname! This charming little town on the edge of the Alps will seduce you with its charm and the beauty of its lake. After a pedal boat ride, get lost, hand in hand, in the narrow streets of the old town, along the canals and bridges. A must for a romantic stay: the famous Pont des Amours, symbol of the city, which offers a superb view on the lake.

Colmar: The charms of Alsace are condensed in the charming city of Colmar. From half-timbered houses to flowering canals, it’s the perfect romantic destination on the Alsace Wine Route! Stroll through the narrow streets of the old town, enjoy a glass of wine on a terrace in one of the many squares in the center, or share a pretzel in the alleys of the Christmas market!

Saint-Malo: An exceptional city for a short romantic stay, Saint-Malo is a firework of romance. Sunset on the sandy beach, seafood dinner for two in the old town, exploration of the narrow streets within the city, discovery of the Emerald Coast, sea trip on a sailboat… What are you waiting for to spoil your loved one?

Honfleur: Nothing better than a stroll near the sea to remake the world in love! The region offers many romantic hotels with spa for wellness stays to be enjoyed as a couple. And at only 2 hours from Paris, it is a perfect destination for a change of scenery for a weekend.

Bonifacio: The whole of Corsica is a little jewel that deserves a trip for two! But if you had to choose only one place to explore as a couple, it would undoubtedly be the very charming town of Bonifacio which elegantly overlooks the azure waters of the Mediterranean.

Crozon: The Crozon peninsula is a still unknown treasure located at the tip of Finistère. You will inevitably fall under the spell of the turquoise waters that remind you of the Caribbean Sea. Yes, you are indeed on a trip to Brittany! After a day at the beach, share some seafood or crepes in one of the restaurants of Morgat and let yourself relax.

Paris: How can you consider a romantic stay in France without thinking of our beautiful capital? Tourists come from all over the world to admire the beauty of the City of Light. Easily accessible from all regions of France, you have no excuse not to discover the charms of Paris! And Parisians also have the right to enjoy a romantic stay in their city: take a room in a beautiful hotel and spend a magical night just a few blocks from home!


Romantic stay in Europe

A few days of escape in a large European city means sharing a moment of change of scenery with your partner. Speaking another language, discovering new flavors, making extraordinary discoveries… all these pleasures are multiplied when shared with your loved one! Which of these destinations will you choose for your romantic stay in Europe?

Cheap Vacation Ideas for Couples

Cheap Vacation Ideas for Couples

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Venice: This is the ultimate romantic destination! For a long time considered expensive and inaccessible, Venice is nowadays quite affordable thanks to the offers of low cost airlines. The drawback is that it is overrun by tourists. Prefer to leave out of season and visit the emblematic sites early in the morning. Forget the gondolas, it’s a tourist trap! Nevertheless, you will find many romantic activities. The best one is of course to take the time to get lost along the canals.

Prague: Go to the Czech Republic for an unforgettable weekend with your other half! Ideal destination to discover each other, the city offers many cultural visits: the castle, the museums, the colorful streets, etc. Exchange, enjoy, treat yourself to a good meal, a room in a nice hotel. Although prices increase in proportion to the number of tourists visiting, Prague remains a cheap destination for a romantic weekend.

Bruges: For a romantic weekend away without going to the other side of the world, consider Bruges. Our Belgian neighbors know how to make it romantic. Discover the charms of the old town during a hand-in-hand stroll, take a boat ride along the canal, and remake the world on the banks of the Lake of Love.

Florence: The cradle of the Renaissance is the perfect destination in Europe to show your love. The city is like a movie set in which you are the main actors. Its exceptional heritage will reveal itself with every step you take like a promise. There is no better place in the world to declare your love! At Radins.com we are already seduced by this destination and that’s why we regularly propose you offers to go there.

Lisbon: It’s so easy to fall in love in Lisbon! The gentle way of life that reigns there invites you to let go. Take a boat ride on the Tagus River, enjoy a Pasteis in the colorful streets, watch the sun set over the ocean and especially take advantage of your escapade in the Portuguese capital to visit the romantic and fairy tale village of Sintra. So book your stay in Lisbon now.

Budapest: This is the trendy and romantic destination preferred by European couples traveling on a budget. From the flight to the accommodation to the drinks on the spot, it is possible to make good savings. Many cultural visits await you, as well as delicious restaurants and bars where you can party all night long! Also take advantage of this stay to go to one of the famous public baths and offer yourself a relaxing break.

Santorini: If Santorini is certainly the most beautiful island of Greece, it is also the most touristic. But don’t panic, it is still possible to isolate yourself in this postcard setting. It is easy to imagine sharing one of the beautiful sunsets that the island offers with the person you love, so why not realize this beautiful desire? We have many offers for Santorini, go ahead and take a look 😉

St. Petersburg: If you are looking for a really original destination for your romantic getaway, think of Russia. If tourism is developing more and more, you will still be far from the crowds of Venice or Florence. But you won’t fall in love with the beauty of Slavic architecture any less. In winter the city is dressed in a magnificent coat of snow, while in summer the colors are revealed in a perfect mix. Believe us, you won’t regret choosing a romantic stay in St. Petersburg.

Andalusia: To get your fill of sunshine, head to the south of Spain! Why not take a romantic road trip to Andalusia? Discover Seville, Malaga, Cordoba or even Granada according to your desires. Listen to you and enjoy this privileged moment together.


Going to the other side of the world as a couple

French Polynesia: Do we really need to argue? We all have in mind images of turquoise waters, bungalows on stilts, white sandbanks. Imagine going to the end of the world, on an island lost in the Pacific, far from everything… This is also the disadvantage of this destination which is very expensive.

Istanbul: Istanbul is the epitome of romance! Experience an intense encounter with several cultures on two continents. You will fall in love with this city full of history between traditions and modernity. Discover the Blue Mosque, Saint Sophia, get pampered in a hammam, taste exotic flavors. This affordable destination is perfect for a cheap romantic getaway.

Ushuaia: Escape to the end of the world in this dreamy destination. Discover the southernmost city in the world. Book a boat trip in the fjords, hike hand in hand in the National Park, stroll the streets of the city. A romantic trip to Ushuaïa is guaranteed to create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Essaouira: Live a true tale of 1001 nights by staying in a charming Riad in the heart of Essaouira. Stroll through the narrow streets of the medina, enjoy a romantic stroll on the beach, let the trade winds carry you away, enjoy the gastronomy full of flavors. You are bound to find your happiness for a cheap romantic trip in this quiet city full of surprises. Subscribe to our Facebook page so you don’t miss any good deals for this destination.

Maldives: What could be more romantic than an almost deserted island lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean? Among the 1200 islands of the archipelago, you will inevitably find your love cocoon in the Maldives. Renowned for its magnificent landscapes and the richness of its cultural heritage, you are bound to be seduced by this exceptional country! A favorite destination for newlyweds who spend their honeymoon there, many romantic hotels are available. All you have to do is make your choice!

Zanzibar: For an extraordinary romantic vacation, take off for the Zanzibar archipelago. Off the coast of Tanzania, discover this little corner of paradise that has nothing to envy to the most famous islands of the Indian Ocean: white sandy beaches, lush nature, turquoise waters and a host of fun, sports and cultural activities. We have many offers for Zanzibar, so stay tuned to Radins.com!

Mauritius: With some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, Mauritius has everything to convince you to take a romantic break. Despite the growing tourism, the island has kept its authenticity and charm. Take the time to do nothing but watch the sun set and rise. Or go for a walk inland. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the lovers’ favorite destination.

Lapland: For a spectacular adventure for two, head to the far north of Scandinavia! This enchanting place has many surprises in store for you in all seasons. Those who are not so cold will leave in winter to witness together one of the most beautiful spectacle of nature: the northern lights. Those who prefer to go in summer will find the magic of the midnight sun and its special atmosphere. Either way, it’s a romantic trip that will bring you closer together!

Fiji: Take your loved one to the other side of the world, literally! You will instantly fall in love with this archipelago. First of all by its beauty, with its magnificent beaches and breathtaking landscapes. But also by all the activities you can do there: scuba diving, kayaking, boating, hiking, etc. Here you will have the choice to rest or to explore the wonders of this remote and beautiful land. You will never forget your romantic stay in Fiji.

Hawaii: Hawaii is a true little paradise on earth. Get ready to have a busy vacation, from relaxing on the beach to surfing lessons for two, walking in the rainforests and exploring the volcanoes. Your favorite travel companion will be the best ally to discover all the richness of this unique place in the world. If you look hard enough, you’ll find many good deals to go to Hawaii, so don’t hesitate to check our offers!

New York: The city that never sleeps cannot be visited alone, it must be shared! And with your lover, it’s even better! Sit on top of the Empire State Building and admire the immense view of the city: you are on top of the world! Go feed the squirrels in Central Park, stroll together in the museums, marvel at the view of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge… In short, you won’t be bored during your romantic stay in New York!

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What type of stay to choose for a Romantic getaway?

When you go away as a couple, the ideal is often to let yourself go. Forget about the worries of everyday life. Take care of yourself. The easiest way to do this is to opt for a flight + hotel package (you choose the type of accommodation that suits you: breakfast, half-board, full-board or all-inclusive) in which you can let yourself be guided and make the most of your partner.

But adventurous couples might feel cramped in this type of stay. Why not opt for private flights in this case? We offer new flights to all over the world every day. Once you’ve chosen your destination and booked your flights, you’ll just have to pick from our small charming hotels or our more unusual accommodation proposals to create a stay that suits you, surprise your lover and respect your budget.


Spa weekend for two

Enjoying a moment of relaxation is always pleasant. But to live an experience of absolute relaxation for two is even nicer! Let go of the pressure, get pampered and enjoy. Choose a hotel + spa package for even more comfort. After your duo massage, enjoy a relaxing moment in a jacuzzi with a glass of champagne. Can you see yourself there already? Then don’t hesitate to consult our numerous offers of wellness stays.



Your honeymoon will be the most important trip of your life as a couple! It’s the time to finally visit the destination of your dreams, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money. If you plan well in advance and choose your destination carefully, you can find some great deals.


Unusual stay

Dare to go off the beaten track for an unforgettable romantic weekend! A tree house, a yurt in the middle of the forest, a gypsy caravan, … add a little spice to your relationship and live a unique experience for 2 or 3 days.


Romantic hotel

Whether you go to the other side of the world or two hours from home, you will find the romantic hotel that suits you. Don’t hesitate to search the Internet for hotels reserved for adults or couples. Look for quiet, privacy and comfort. We often offer stays in romantic hotels so don’t hesitate to check out the many offers on this page.


All-inclusive honeymoon

Are you looking for a quiet and carefree stay? Think about the all-inclusive package! Not only is it practical, but also very economical. No need to take out your wallet once you’re there, just relax together.


Naughty weekend

Indulge yourself with a glamorous stay under the sign of seduction! More and more packages are available on the Internet. It is not rare to find packages including the night, a bottle of wine or champagne, a romantic dinner, even a box of massage oil and other naughty games. Surprise your other half with an exciting stay that you will remember for a long time!


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When to go on a romantic vacation?

The most romantic will tell us that there is no need for a pretext to share a romantic getaway! Here are a few ideas for lovers in need of indispiration:


February 14, Valentine’s Day: it’s the perfect time to go to Iceland, Dubai, the Caribbean, Costa Rica or Thailand

February-March, the Venice Carnival: to discover at least once in your life with the one you love

May 1st, Day of Love (in the Middle Ages, but it still counts): the opportunity for a romantic citytrip to Barcelona, Lisbon, Rome, Florence, Paris or Bruges.

July 6, International Kissing Day: the opportunity to kiss your better half in Rome, New York, Venice or Lisbon!

August, the Night of the Stars: light up the sky with your partner in the Pyrenees, in Tuscany, in Lapland, in Chile or in Namibia, the most beautiful places in the world to admire the stars.

At the end of December, the end of the year celebrations: discover the particularly romantic traditions in Alsace, Switzerland, Sandinavia or even London!