Cheap Trip to Spain

Six of our cyclists went on a two-week trip to Spain, more specifically to Catalonia, spending only 500 euros per person, including the cost of transportation.  I should say at once that the amount of 500 euros for a trip to Catalonia was not agreed in advance, and the vacation was not planned cheap. It just happened that way. Our travelers didn’t save much, but they didn’t spend too much. Here are reviews of tourists about the prices and their observations on the conditions of cheap holidays in Spain

Cheap Trip to Spain

Cheap Trip to Spain

It is more profitable to have a vacation in Spain than in the Crimea or the Caucasus.

If Spain were closer, and would not require a Schengen visa, then the vacation in Spain would be more profitable than in the Crimea or the Caucasus.


A significant plus – all the beaches in Catalonia are free. Even if the seaside is a luxury hotel, on the beach in front of him, anyone can sunbathe.

Minus a beach holiday – tents on the beaches to break up the ban. Local residents said, however, that in remote places in the evening and you can camp, and the morning to get together, but it’s better not to risk it – the fines in Spain are not small. But to sleep in sleeping bags in the open air on the beach, no one forbids.


On the first day of travel in Catalonia, we got lost, and, having climbed somewhere far beyond Barcelona to the sea watched an interesting picture. Although it was a distant, clogged outskirts, and May is not yet considered the season, and vacationers were almost absent, but public showers were already working there, and there was a well-maintained playground. Impressive


Food prices in Spain.

We took soup briquettes and cereals in backpacks – we thought to save money. But it turned out that the prices for many food products in Spain are significantly lower than at home. For example, in supermarkets, the action can buy two liters of milk for just 1 euro. The same price for a 200-gram chocolate bar with nuts. No one has seen such prices for normal chocolate in the vast expanses of Russia. For 3 euro it is possible to buy 6 kg of oranges – it is unprofitable to take a smaller pack. To tell the truth, then I had to carry a grid with oranges on the trunk of my bicycle the whole day.


Bread is expensive. Tasty – three euros. Like our toasted bread you can buy for one and a half euros.

Paella, a local dish, in a cheap restaurant in Barcelona costs 10-12 euros. It’s quite expensive. But what can you do, it’s a service industry.  For that amount of money in the supermarket you can buy food to cook two dinners for six people.


housing in Spain

A few words about housing in Spain. During the entire two-week trip to Spain, we spent two nights in hostels, three times “feral” in tents, once in sleeping bags on the beach, and the remaining nights, of course, in the campsites. And where else should a camper stay but in a campsite? The cheapest and quite comfortable accommodation.


Hostel in Barcelona took a little expensive, as for a budget holiday – 25 euros per person. We were given an eight-bed room with beds in two tiers. But we were very pleased with the breakfast buffet. We had no idea that it was included in the price. In some small town we once again rented a hostel on the level of a domestic three-star hotel for 20 euros per person. 

Spanish campsites – very convenient thing. This is the best accommodation in Spain for a tourist on a limited vacation budget. Large campsites have all the infrastructure needed for recreation. There is a medical center, and shower with laundry facilities, supermarket, bar, disco, internet cafe, swimming pool and sports grounds. We rented a place at one of these campsites, paying 8 euros a day per person. They say if you rent a campsite without tents and sleep directly in sleeping bags, the rent will be even a few euros cheaper.


Tourists from Europe travel to campsites in “caravans” – a kind of house on wheels. Some are so huge that it’s easy to hitch a few bikes on the side.


The cost of camping in Spain rises by 30% in June. July brings another price increase. It is logical. After all Catalonia is a resort coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


Except for campings and hostels we have slept overnight camping in remote places in the mountain part of Catalonia. Although this is also forbidden, but who looks at it there? The locals themselves tell you where to pitch your tent. The water is from springs, the food is from small stores. In short, the conditions for the tourist as in the foothills of the Caucasus or the Carpathians.


The financial results of the trip to Spain – 500 euros per person, including tickets

For a two-week trip to Spain spent about 500 euros per person. But half of the entire budget was spent on travel. By train to Katowice in Poland, and from there by plane to Barcelona. Most of the cost of the flight was an extra charge for the bike and backpack. The financial results of the trip to Catalonia were very satisfying. After all, it was Spain! And the expenses were no more than an average trip to the Crimea.