The 10 Best Travel Backpack for Petite Female in 2024


As a petite woman, finding a comfortable yet stylish travel backpack that fits well can be challenging. Most backpacks are designed with the average height in mind, leaving shorter torsos and frames struggling under the weight of an oversized bag. However, several brands have started to recognize the specific needs of petite female travelers and have designed backpacks to suit your body type.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the 10 Best Travel Backpack for Petite Female that are both fashionable and functional, with adjustable straps, padded shoulder pads, and compartments designed for organizing all your travel essentials. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or embarking on a longer adventure abroad, one of these thoughtfully designed backpacks is sure to become your trusted travel companion.

To accomplish this, you just need to read our step-by-step guide with all the features you need to consider when choosing, and to make it easier, we also suggest the best backpacks for different types of travel.

Best Travel Backpack for Petite Female: How to Choose The Right One

Before we start with this guide on how to choose the Best Travel Backpack for Petite Female, it is fair to make a basic premise: there is no single backpack suitable for every type of need.

There are certainly several options with features that can be adapted to multiple trips and travelers (or travelers), but it is impossible to meet, for example, the needs of an avid trekker (who needs to carry all the equipment necessary for an outdoor trip, plus possibly all the extras for sleeping in the wilderness) and at the same time those of a weekend traveler, out for a couple of days in the city, and with no special needs. What might be little for one, might be too much for the other, and so on. We understand each other in short, to every traveler his own travel backpack.

Best Travel Backpack for Petite Female

But if finding one backpack for all needs is not possible, this should not make you give up carrying a backpack with you, in fact in our opinion the backpack is precisely one of those accessories that should never be left at home, and it is no coincidence that it is at the top of the list of Essential Travel Accessories. No matter what kind of trip you have to take, you don’t have to be an adventurous backpacker wandering around hostels, or an explorer hiking in the mountains, on any trip a backpack can be very useful to you in many ways.

First of all, it allows you to better organize and store everything you need (even simply documents, reservations, guidebooks, and maybe a snack), it can also save you money (if you pack with everything you need often you can avoid unnecessary expenses for the simplest things), and if you have specific needs it becomes a key element to fully enjoy your trip (think of a photographer with all his own equipment, for example).

Now, there are some basic features that every backpack, in one way or another, must meet. Size, capacity, water resistance, weight and ergonomics, to name a few.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Best Travel Backpack for Petite Femal

As a petite female, finding a properly sized travel backpack that comfortably fits your frame is essential for an enjoyable trip experience. Several key factors should be considered when selecting a travel backpack to suit your needs.

Size and Fit

Focus on travel backpacks specifically designed for smaller bodies, typically in the range of 10 to 30 liters. A backpack that is too large will be uncomfortable to carry, while a pack that is too small will not hold essential items. Look for adjustable shoulder straps, hip belts, and sternum straps to ensure a customized fit to your torso length and waist size. Packs with padded, ventilated back panels will prevent overheating.

Compartments and Pockets

Choose a backpack with multiple compartments to keep items organized and easily accessible. A separate laptop sleeve or pocket will protect electronics. Mesh water bottle pockets allow for easy access to hydration. Zippered pockets keep smaller items like keys, chargers, and snacks secure but within reach.


Lightweight yet durable materials are ideal for petite frames. Look for water-resistant nylon or polyester fabrics with reinforced stitching at stress points. Padded, ventilated straps and back panels made of breathable mesh provide comfort for long days of exploring.

Additional Features

Consider additional features to enhance your travel experience. A built-in rain cover protects contents from the elements. Compression straps stabilize loads and reduce bulk. External attachment points allow you to secure items like jackets, sleeping pads, and trekking poles.

A high-quality travel backpack designed for petite women will make exploring the world more comfortable and enjoyable. Paying attention to specific sizing, storage solutions, materials, and extra features will help you find a pack suited to your needs and frame. With the proper backpack, you’ll be ready to set off on your next adventure.

Our Top 10 Lightweight and Stylish Travel Backpacks for Petite Women

If you’re a petite woman planning to go on a trip and searching for the perfect travel backpack, you’re in luck! Look no further, because we have done all the hard work for you. Our top 10 list showcases only the most lightweight and stylish travel backpacks designed especially with petite females in mind. No more struggling with oversized backpacks that drown your frame or compromise your style. We understand the unique needs of petite women, and that’s why we have scoured the web to bring together the very best options. So go ahead and embark on your next adventure confidently, knowing that you have found the ideal backpack for petite females.

Are you planning to go on a trip and looking for the best travel backpack for petite female? Well, look no further! We’ve got you covered with our collection of the 10 best travel backpacks designed specifically with petite women in mind. Each of these backpacks is built to keep you comfortable while on the go, with adjustable straps, padded backs, multiple pockets, and plenty of storage space. We understand that finding the perfect fit can be a challenge, but worry not, as our selection includes the best backpacks tailored to suit the needs of petite females. So, whether you’re embarking on a weekend getaway or a long-term adventure, rest assured that you’ll find the best backpack for petite female travelers right here. Take your pick from our carefully curated range and experience the ultimate comfort and convenience during your travels.

Finally, whether you are a petite female planning a weekend getaway or embarking on a longer adventure, your search for the ideal travel backpack for petite female ends here. We understand that finding the perfect backpack can be overwhelming, but fear not, as we have meticulously scoured the web to bring together a comprehensive list of the 10 best travel backpacks designed specifically with petite women in mind. With a perfect blend of style and practicality, our curated selection ensures that you will find the ideal backpack to suit all your needs, ensuring comfort and convenience throughout your journey. So, set aside your worries and trust in our expertise to provide you with the ultimate travel companion – the perfect backpack for the petite female traveler.

#1 Best Overall Travel Backpack for Petite Females: Osprey Fairview 40

Are you looking for a travel backpack suitable for petite female? If so, you may want to consider the Osprey Fairview 40. This lightweight and packable backpack is perfect for travelers who want to maximize their packing space while keeping their belongings secure. The adjustable torso length allows it to fit your exact frame, while the hip belt offers extra support and helps to evenly distribute the weight of your load. Plus, the bag’s panel loading system ensures easy access to all your items when you need them in a pinch!

The Osprey Fairview 40 is an excellent travel backpack for petite women. This lightweight yet durable backpack is designed to fit smaller frames, with an adjustable harness and hipbelt to provide a custom fit.

  • The main compartment offers 40 liters of storage space for clothing and gear, while the padded laptop sleeve and tablet sleeve keep your electronics protected. Multiple interior pockets provide organization for smaller items like chargers, pens, keys, and other accessories.
  • The stowaway backpanel, shoulder straps, and hipbelt all tuck away to streamline the bag for airline carry-on compliance. When in use, the mesh backpanel and shoulder straps provide comfort and breathability. The removable sternum strap adds extra stability and the padded hipbelt ensures even weight distribution.
  • Made of high-quality, ripstop nylon, the Fairview 40 is built to last through many adventures. Reinforced grab handles on multiple sides make the bag easy to grab and go. The hydration compatible design allows for easy access to a hydration reservoir (not included).
  • External attachment points provide extra space for a sleeping bag, pad, or other gear. Compression straps regulate the load and minimize bulk. Reflective accents increase visibility in low light conditions, enhancing safety.

With a lifetime guarantee, the Fairview 40 is a wise investment for any petite female traveler seeking a compact yet fully-featured backpack. For shorter trips or minimalist packers, also consider the smaller Osprey Fairview series options like the Fairview 30 or Fairview 20. Any of these packs will make exploring the world a comfortable experience.

#2 Most Stylish Travel Backpack: eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible

eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible

When it comes to travel backpacks for petite women, the eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible is an ideal choice. Designed with a women’s-specific fit, this backpack features padded straps and contoured shoulder straps for maximum comfort. It’s also made with lightweight, durable fabric that won’t weigh you down on your journey.

The eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible is designed to hold everything you need for a weekend getaway. With a capacity of 49.2 liters, this backpack provides ample storage space for petite travelers. The main compartment features adjustable straps to keep your items secure and two mesh pockets to help keep you organized. An additional front pocket and two side pockets provide easy access to essentials.


This eBags backpack is made to fit a range of body types, with adjustable padded shoulder straps and an adjustable sternum strap. The shoulder straps can be tightened or loosened to find the perfect fit for your torso. The sternum strap also clips across your chest to provide extra stability and distributing the weight. These adjustments help to prevent the backpack from feeling too big or bulky on a petite frame.


The “convertible” name refers to the ability to convert this backpack into a shoulder bag. Simply tuck the backpack straps into the zippered back panel to transform the bag into a shoulder-carry tote. This unique feature provides an alternative carrying option and style for your needs. Use it as a backpack for hands-free convenience, or as a shoulder tote for a more stylish look.

Additional Features

  • Made from durable yet lightweight nylon material
  • Padded laptop sleeve holds up to a 15.6” laptop
  • Moisture-wicking mesh back panel for breathability
  • Lockable zippers for security
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of petite travelers. With ample storage, an adjustable fit, and a versatile convertible design, this backpack has all the features you need for your next weekend adventure in a size made for you. For a dependable and compact backpack, the eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible is an excellent choice for petite women.

#3 Best Carry-on Travel Backpack: Tortuga Setout Divide

Tortuga Setout Divide

Are you looking for a great carry-on travel backpack for a petite female? The Tortuga Setout Divide is your perfect pick! This backpack is designed specifically with petite travelers in mind: it’s built to fit the curves of a woman’s body, and it has adjustable straps so you can dial in the perfect fit.

Spacious Yet Compact

The Tortuga Setout Divide is designed to maximize space for petite travelers without being too bulky. At 26L, it provides ample room for multi-day trips while still fitting within most airlines’ carry-on size requirements. The rectangular shape and zippered expansion allow you to pack more than you’d expect in a bag this size. Interior pockets and compression straps keep everything organized and in place. When not expanded, the Setout Divide maintains a slim profile that won’t overwhelm your frame.

Adjustable & Comfortable

Finding a good fit is essential for petite women. The Setout Divide’s shoulder straps and hip belt are highly adjustable to customize the bag to your torso length and waist size. Padded, breathable mesh makes the straps and back panel comfortable against your body during long travel days. The straps also feature load lifters to prevent excess strain on your shoulders. An adjustable sternum strap provides extra stability.

High Quality & Durable

Tortuga constructs the Setout Divide from durable, weather-resistant materials that will last trip after trip. The recycled polyester fabric and water-resistant coating protect your belongings from rain, spills and the elements. Beefy, lockable zippers keep the main compartment and pockets securely closed. Reinforced stitching around stress points prevents premature wear and tear. A padded laptop sleeve and strong carry handles round out this well-built bag.

Overall, the Tortuga Setout Divide offers an ideal combination of capacity and compactness for petite female travelers seeking a high-quality, comfortable carry-on backpack. With sizes for both shorter and taller bodies, adjustable everything, and a streamlined yet spacious design, this backpack was made with petite women in mind. The Setout Divide lets you pack efficiently and travel confidently on your next big adventure.

So what makes this travel backpack stand out?

  • It has several compartments so you can easily organize your items like clothes, laptop, water bottle and more.It has two side pockets for quick access items like tickets or passport.The shoulder straps are adjustable, so you can customize the fit based on your body size and shape.It comes with a separate laptop compartment that fits up to 15 inches and works well as a daypack when you’re out exploring.The internal frame helps keep the backpack upright – so no more worrying about it tipping over when you set it down!

The fabric is also water resistant, making sure your items stay dry no matter how intense the rain might be.
Overall, the Tortuga Setout Divide is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an ergonomic travel backpack that fits the needs of petite female travelers.

#4 Best Budget Travel Backpack for Petite Female: SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA

SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA

The SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA backpack is a great choice for petite female travelers, as it provides plenty of protection while remaining lightweight and stylish. It looks deceptively small, but with multiple pockets and lots of storage space, you have plenty of room to pack all your essentials.

When selecting a travel backpack for petite women, the SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 is an excellent choice for its high quality, functionality and comfortable fit.

Spacious yet Compact

Despite its large 42L capacity, the SwissGear 1900 has a slim, streamlined shape that sits close to the body, ideal for smaller frames. Multiple pockets and compartments keep belongings organized without adding excess bulk.

Adjustable and Padded

The adjustable shoulder straps and chest strap provide a custom fit for different torso lengths. Thick padding reduces pressure points for maximum comfort when carrying heavy loads. The padded back panel also improves ventilation and wicks away moisture.

Durable and High Quality

SwissGear is renowned for manufacturing high-performance, long-lasting gear. The 1900 features a durable ripstop polyester fabric, strong zippers and reinforced stress points built to withstand intensive travel use. The stylish design and neutral color options complement any outfit and never appear overly sporty or technical.

Secure Storage

Keep valuables safe but accessible in the lockable main compartment. Interior pockets neatly store smaller items like pens, keys, and charging cords. Exterior pockets hold water bottles, snacks, maps and other necessities within easy reach.

Lifetime Warranty

SwissGear stands behind the 1900 with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, demonstrating their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Petite travelers can feel confident investing in this thoughtfully-designed, professional-grade backpack.

While a bit of an investment, the SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 deserves consideration as a long-term travel companion for petite adventurers seeking comfort, organization and peace of mind on the road. With its tailored yet spacious design and premium construction, this backpack suits both casual weekend getaways and extended round-the-world journeys. Discover why the 1900 tops our list of recommendations for petite women.

#5 Best Day Hiking Backpack for Petite Female: Deuter Speed Lite 20

Deuter Speed Lite 20

If you’re looking for a lightweight and comfortable travel backpack, the Deuter Speed Lite 20 is a great option. This backpack is perfect for petite female travelers who don’t want to be weighed down, since it only weighs 1.8 pounds and comes with an adjustable strap system that allows you to find your perfect fit.

When you’re looking for a travel backpack for petite females, the Deuter Speed Lite 20 is an excellent choice. It’s designed to be comfortable and lightweight, without compromising on durability.

This stylish pack is designed with adjustable torso lengths and slim-fitting shoulder straps to accommodate petite frames. It also boasts several useful features that make it an ideal companion for day hikes or short trips.


The Deuter Speed Lite 20 has superior frameless construction and a host of comfort features that make it great for long trips. With mesh shoulder straps as well as adjustable sternum and waist straps, you’ll be able to put your bag on and off with ease, even if it’s full. The AirFlow Contact System in the back panel optimizes the faster energy consumption from ventilation support, so you won’t be unable to carry this bag for hours on end.

Storage Solutions

The Deuter Speed Lite 20 comes with plenty of storage solutions too – zippered side pockets are great for storing your essentials close at hand, while the internal valuables pocket helps keep important items safe during transit. The main compartment comes with compression straps so that you can pack any way you like without worrying that your items will shift during transit.

The Deuter Speed Lite 20 has all the features you need in a light travel backpack – comfort, storage solutions, and lightweight design make this an ideal choice for petite female travelers looking to go further without adding extra bulk or weight.


Here’s a quick rundown of the features available in the Deuter Speed Lite 20:

  • Ergonomic shoulder straps and hip strap which are adjustable to fit petite body types
  • High quality, durable material which ensures that the backpack will last through tough trips
  • Lightweight design which makes carrying it easy even when it’s full
  • Aircomfort ventilated back system helps reduce perspiration buildup on long hikes
  • Hydration compatible with a separate pocket for your water bottle or hydration bladder
  • Zippered pockets and expandable side pockets provide plenty of storage space

The Deuter Speed Lite 20 is perfect for petite female travelers who want an efficient, lightweight pack that won’t weigh them down. With its adjustable fit, aircomfort ventilation system, hydration compatibility, and plenty of storage space, it’s an ideal choice for day hikes or short trips.

#6 Osprey Lumina 60 XS – Best Travel Backpack for Petite Female

Osprey Lumina 60 Women’s Ultralight Backpacking Backpack

The Osprey Lumina 60 is the most comfortable and ventilated women’s-specific pack ever made for the lightest loads imaginable. It’s perfect for weeklong, or even month long trips. In fact, it’s probably not the right pack for you. It’s for people who pack lighter, go further, and think smarter. This pack isn’t on Instagram, because phones are too heavy, and views look better in your mind anyway. But if you are one of those maniacal gram-counters, look no further.

Best for: Ultralight backpack

The Osprey Lumina is one of the lightest backpacks specifically for women available. As I often say, you may not want an ultralight backpack. Because, they are not designed to carry much gear. Plus, the lack of a frame means the weight isn’t as well distributed at the hips.

As you might expect with ultralight backpacks, it lacks a lot of standard features. It doesn’t have much padding, so comfort isn’t the best. However, there are four pockets, including a zippered lid where you can store items, and compression straps to secure items to the bag. It is compatible to receive the best hydration bag. So you don’t have to worry about the lack of water bottle pockets in the backpack.


The Osprey Lumina 60 XS travel backpack is designed with the female frame in mind. Its adjustable harness and hipbelt can be tailored to fit torsos ranging from 13 to 18 inches. The padded mesh backpanel and shoulder straps provide comfort and ventilation for petite bodies. Internal compression straps stabilize the load and multiple exterior compression straps ensure a streamlined profile.


Despite its small size, the Osprey Lumina 60 XS offers ample storage for extended trips. Its main compartment is large enough for clothing and gear, while dual front panel pockets and dual side mesh pockets grant easy access to essentials. A padded laptop and tablet sleeve secures electronics. Stowable shoulder straps and side carry handles provide carrying options when the backpack isn’t in use.


Osprey is renowned for high quality, durable gear. The Osprey Lumina 60 XS is constructed of ripstop nylon for lightweight abrasion resistance. All stress points are reinforced for longevity. The suspended mesh backpanel protects the pack from dirt and damage. A raincover protects the pack from precipitation to keep your belongings dry. Osprey also provides an All Mighty Guarantee, covering any damage or defects in the manufacturing.

Additional Features

  • Lockable zippers for security
  • Integrated whistle for emergencies
  • Trekking pole attachment
  • Ice ax loop
  • Sternum strap with emergency whistle

The Osprey Lumina 60 XS balances functionality and comfort in a backpack sized for petite adventure seekers. Its women-specific design, ample storage, and durability make it an ideal option for any trip. Overall, this is a high-quality pack poised to handle years of travel.

#7 Gregory Deva 70 XS Backpack – Best Travel Backpack for Petite Female

Gregory Mountain Products Women’s Deva 70 Backpack

Extended summer trail vacations, winter weekends and new adventures with your friends are all within reach for the Deva 70 you allows love the way it keeps everything accessible, with its trail-friendly stash options and massive main compartment panel opening. Ventilated, terrain-adaptive Response A3 suspension gives you the support needed to take advantage of all 70 liters of capacity.

Ideal for carrying heavy loads comfortably

Gregory is one of the backpack manufacturers that produce specific bags for women. Many brands say that their bags are for women. But in reality, they are just shorter versions of the men’s models.

High-Quality, Durable Construction

The Gregory Deva 70 XS backpack is designed to withstand the rigors of frequent travel. Constructed from high-density nylon and polyester fabrics, this backpack provides superior abrasion-resistance and durability. The suspension system features an aluminum frame for support and load stabilization. Padded shoulder straps, hip belt, and back panel supply comfort for long treks. Compression straps minimize the profile for easier navigation in tight spaces.

Custom Fit for Petite Figures

With multiple adjustment points, the Deva 70 XS can be tailored to properly fit women under 5 feet 6 inches tall. The shoulder straps, hip belt, and back panel are all adjustable to contour to your frame. Straps feature Velcro attachments so they can be positioned for the best fit and to prevent slipping. The hip belt is also removable in case you prefer to carry the pack without it.

Practical Storage for Travel Essentials

The Deva 70 XS has a capacity of 70 liters, providing ample space for gear and necessities for multi-day trips. The main compartment houses a sleeping bag pocket and divider. A front pocket contains organizer panels for smaller items like pens, keys, and charging cords. Stretch mesh pockets on the sides conveniently hold water bottles or snacks. A zippered pocket on the hip belt gives you quick access to essentials like cash, cards or lip balm. An integrated rain cover protects your belongings from the elements.

With high-quality components, a custom petite fit, and practical organization, the Gregory Deva 70 XS is an excellent choice for female travelers seeking an adventure-ready pack scaled to smaller body types. This thoughtfully designed backpack will serve you well for years of memorable journeys ahead.

#8 Gregory Octal 45 XS -Best Travel Backpack for Petite Female

Gregory Mountain Products Women’s Octal 45 Ultralight Backpack

We think an ultralight pack with proper support and essential features provides a better experience—more efficient and much more enjoyable—than a hyper-minimalist stuff sack with zero structure. The difference shows the morning after a 15-mile day, when the Octal 45 proves that comfort is one trail essential you can’t live without.

Best for: Affordable, lightweight mid-sized bag for women.


The Gregory Octal 45 XS travel backpack has a 45L capacity, providing ample space for gear and essentials needed for short trips, without being too bulky for petite frames. Its streamlined design and adjustable straps allow you to carry heavy loads comfortably.


The shoulder straps and hip belt are specifically designed to contour to women’s bodies. They are padded and adjustable to ensure maximum comfort for different torso lengths. The hip belt helps distribute weight and prevents the backpack from shifting during activities like hiking or climbing stairs.


Breathable mesh material covers the shoulder straps and back panel, increasing airflow to prevent overheating and excess sweating. This is especially useful for activities in hot weather or highly active travel adventures.


The Octal 45 XS has multiple pockets to keep you organized on the go. There is a large main compartment for clothes and bigger items, a hydration sleeve for a water reservoir or laptop, a front pocket for maps and small gear, and stretch mesh side pockets for water bottles or snacks. An internal zippered pocket at the top securely stores valuables like keys, wallet or phone.


This high-performance backpack is extremely durable, able to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities and international travel. Its water-resistant ripstop nylon fabric, reinforced stress points and strong, abrasion-resistant bottom help protect contents from the elements and impacts. Compression straps stabilize the load for bumpy trails or air travel.

The Gregory Octal 45 XS combines comfort, ventilation, capacity and durability in a size suitable for most petite women. Its streamlined yet fully-featured design makes it an excellent choice for both short outdoor getaways and extended travel adventures. With proper care and maintenance, this backpack will serve as a reliable companion for years of memorable trips.

#9 Osprey Sirrus 36 XS – Best Travel Backpack for Petite Female

Osprey Sirrus 36 Women’s Hiking Backpack

Top loading pack for demanding day hikes or light and fast overnight trips Featuring adjustable torso lengths for improved fit and comfort with updated aesthetics, the women’s specific fit Sirrus 36 is the go-to choice for everything from short day hikes to lightweight overnights in the back-country no matter how far, or near. When the weather turns, fear not – the Sirrus keeps your gear and pack protected with an integrated raincover. Smartly organized pocketing keeps all your equipment where you need it, when you need it.

Ideal for minimalist hikers who want a small bag built to last

Durability and Weather Resistance

The Osprey Sirrus 36 XS is constructed of high-quality, durable nylon material that is designed to withstand the elements. Its water-resistant coating protects your belongings from light rain and snow. For heavier downpours, the integrated raincover provides added protection.

The suspension system and padded shoulder straps provide comfort for long treks. Built-in compression straps stabilize your load and keep the weight balanced. Multiple exterior pockets, including a laptop sleeve, help keep you organized while on the go. An internal hydration reservoir pocket allows you to store water for convenient access.

Size and Fit

Specifically designed for petite frames, this backpack is sized to properly fit women 5’4” and under. The adjustable suspension system and straps can be tailored to your torso length and shoulder width. At 36 liters capacity, it provides ample space for multi-day trips without feeling oversized. The streamlined shape and compact profile sit close to the body for maximum comfort and balance.

Additional Features

  • Top lid converts to sling pack for short excursions
  • Mesh water bottle pockets
  • Ice ax/trekking pole loops
  • Zippered hip belt pockets
  • Built-in safety whistle on sternum strap

The Osprey Sirrus 36 XS combines functionality, comfort, and style in a size made specifically for petite adventure seekers. Its high-performance design and versatile features make it the perfect companion for any trip. Overall, this is a highly recommended option if you’re looking for a durable yet compact travel backpack.

#10 Osprey Renn 65 – Best Travel Backpack for Petite Female

Osprey Renn 65 Women’s Backpacking Backpack

We put our heads together to develop an ideal pack for women heading out on their first or fiftieth backpacking trip. We came up with the Renn 65—a lightweight yet durable ventilated pack with plenty of the quality features you associate with Osprey. Thoughtfully designed to fit a woman’s anatomy with specially shaped and contoured shoulder straps and hipbelt. Adjustable backpanel suspension lets you tailor your pack to your torso length. Additional features include a removable integrated raincover, rugged fabric, zippered sleeping bag compartment, and side hipbelt pockets. Back by our All Mighty Guarantee, forever.

Ideal for smaller women who want an affordable large capacity backpack

Design and Build

The Osprey Renn 65 is designed specifically for petite women, with an adjustable harness and hipbelt to provide a custom fit for frames 5’3” and under. The padded harness and mesh back panel keep the pack weight balanced and prevent chafing, while the padded hipbelt stabilizes the load without restricting movement. Compression straps along the sides and front of the pack allow you to cinch down the volume when not fully packed.

Made of durable nylon ripstop fabric, the Renn 65 is built to handle the stresses of frequent travel. The main compartment opens fully for easy packing and access to gear, and interior compression straps keep items from shifting around. A large front pocket and dual stretch mesh side pockets provide additional storage for items you want to keep close at hand. An internal sleeve fits most laptops up to 15 inches, and a rain cover is included for protection from the elements.

  • Volume: 65 liters (3966 cu in)
  • Adjustable harness and hipbelt fit torsos 14-18 inches
  • Lightweight yet durable nylon ripstop fabric
  • Large front pocket and dual stretch mesh side pockets
  • Internal compression straps stabilize load
  • Padded laptop sleeve fits most 15″ laptops
  • Integrated rain cover for weather protection

Overall, the Osprey Renn 65 is an excellent option for petite adventure seekers looking for a pack that won’t overwhelm their frame. With a women-specific design and a rugged build, this pack lets you carry everything you need for extended travel without the bulk. Adjustability provides a custom fit, and ample storage keeps essentials close at hand. For a versatile pack that won’t weigh you down, the Renn 65 should be at the top of your list.

Are you a petite woman? What backpack do you use? Let us know in the comments section below.

FAQ: Answering Your Questions About Finding the Best Travel Backpack for Petite Female

What size travel backpack should I get?

As a petite female, you want to choose a backpack that is proportional to your body size. A bag that is too large will be uncomfortable to carry and can cause back strain. For most petite women, a travel backpack between 15 to 30 liters is ideal for short trips. For longer excursions, choose a pack between 30 to 50 liters so you have enough room for essential gear without it being oversized. Measure your torso length and choose a backpack that corresponds to your measurements. Most petite-friendly packs come in extra small and small sizes.

What features should I look for in a travel backpack for petite women?

Some useful features to consider include:

  • Adjustable shoulder straps: Look for a backpack with adjustable shoulder straps that can be tightened for the perfect fit. Straps that are too loose can cause the bag to hang awkwardly and become uncomfortable.
  • Hip belt: A hip belt helps distribute the weight of the pack across your hips for better comfort. Look for a hip belt that can be adjusted to your waist size.
  • Multiple compartments: Having separate compartments for organizing your gear is useful. Look for a backpack with a main compartment, secondary compartment, laptop sleeve and exterior pockets.
  • Lightweight: Choose a lightweight yet durable material like nylon or polyester. A heavy bag will quickly become tiring to carry.
  • Padded back panel: A padded, ventilated back panel provides cushioning and breathability. This is important for smaller frames.
  • Compression straps: Compression straps on the outside of the pack allow you to cinch in contents for a more balanced carry. This prevents the bag from feeling too loose or bulky.

By selecting a backpack specifically designed for petite body types with the proper size and useful features, you can find a pack that is comfortable, supportive and perfectly suited for your travels. The key is to find one proportional to your measurements with adjustable components so you can customize the fit. With the right backpack, you’ll be ready to set off on your next adventure.

Other Top Travel Backpacks to Consider

Apart from the top 10 travel backpacks for petite female, there are a few other noteworthy candidates for excellent travel backpacks out there. We can’t possibly cover all of them in this article, but here are some of the best of the rest:

High Sierra Curve Backpack

The High Sierra Curve Backpack is a great choice for petite ladies on-the-go. This lightweight and stylish backpack fits everything you need for your next adventure, and offers adjustable shoulder straps as well as a padded back panel with specially designed breathable mesh. Made out of durable polyester fabric, this backpack is built to last.

Kipling Alcatraz II Backpack

Another option to consider is the Kipling Alcatraz II Backpack. This sleek, modern looking pack has an array of compartments and pockets that allow you to easily store your belongings while staying organized. With an adjustable waist strap and padded shoulder straps, it’s comfortable to wear too!

JanSport Digital Student Backpack

Finally, the JanSport Digital Student Backpack is a great alternative if you’re looking for a more affordable option. This bag includes features such as laptop sleeve, headphone port and external bungee cord system, making it perfect for carrying around your everyday essentials or loading up with travel gear when going away. The ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry too!

To Conclude

After going through the pros and cons of these 10 travel backpacks suitable for petite women, you should now have a better idea of what to look for and which options may suit your needs best. The most important things are to consider the capacity, number of compartments, padded shoulder straps, and overall comfort for your body type. While style and color are personal preferences, focus on finding a backpack that distributes weight well and has useful features for organizing your essential items on the go. With the perfect bag in tow, you’ll be all set for an exciting adventure in comfort and style. Happy travels!

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