The Ultimate Guide to the Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples


Searching for the Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples? Look no further than the stunning country of Greece. From its sparkling waters to its ancient ruins, this is a place that’ll take your breath away.

Greece offers something special—an incredibly romantic setting with plenty of opportunities to explore and discover. Whether you’re searching for an intimate beach escape or a city adventure, taking time out as a couple in Greece has something special in store.

12 Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples:

We are sure that our list of the 12 Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples can offer a vacation option for every taste.

1. Santorini

The jewel in the crown of the Cyclades

Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

What other place in Greece could top the list of the most romantic destinations? After all, it’s a real diamond among the Cycladic Islands and a magical place for couples in love. And you’ll see for yourself once you see the volcanic caldera.

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Santorini… Its beaches with their mesmerizing volcanic hues, the white-washed houses of the small villages of Oia, Fira and Imerovigli, the traditional settlement of Pyrgos – all of it of indescribable beauty.  And the view of the Aegean Sea from Akrotiri lighthouse (which is best visited after a tour of the famous Bronze Age settlement).


Memories just for two in Santorini

If you’re looking for privacy, this is just the place to find a hotel or villa with a pool just for two of you. And the legendary sunsets of Santorini will create the right romantic setting for the best dinner of your life, prepared by chefs who work wonders with fresh Mediterranean produce.

As for your daytime activities, in addition to beach holidays, you can go on a winery tour or book a boat trip to the islands of Nea and Palea Kammeni, as well as to Firasie, reminiscent of Santorini 50 years ago!


2. Corfueur

Rich culture and artistic chic in the middle of the Ionian Sea

Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

Our next choice was the island of Corfu, a true star among the Ionian islands. Venetian fortresses, aristocratic mansions and royal gardens await you here. The whole old town of Corfu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a great place to explore on foot. Filled with a special cultural and artistic charm that you can feel in just about every café, tavern and contemporary bistro in the city. The squares of Liston and Spianada seem to have been relocated from Paris. The city will also delight you with its museums, which tell about the original and peripetetic history of the island. But a walk through the narrow streets of the cantus, as every corner of the Old Town is a magical photo opportunity, will be a great memory.

But the rest of the island is no less interesting. You can find both organized beaches with bars and water sports and small secluded coves with sandy shores and pebble beaches. Thick pine forests add to the romantic scenery. If you feel like a boat trip, there are many places around the island where you can find charming places, including the Paradis beach which is just as heavenly as its name!


A taste of identity and cocktails at sunset

Corfu’s gastronomic traits are as unforgettable as its landscapes. A variety of cultural trends over the centuries (especially the Venetian period) have left their mark on the local cuisine, which is vividly represented by both upscale restaurants and traditional tavernas on the beaches. It is best to go on a gastronomic tour.

And to get acquainted with the original cuisine of the island we advise to go to the villages. Not far from the beaches there is always a small village. Here are some of them: Pelekas, or Perouladdes (famous for its sunsets), Afionas, Lakones, Palea Perifeia and Kassiopi.

An evening in Corfu begins with a cocktail, and then everything will go by itself! Wherever you choose to spend it: in the town, in a sea village or even on the beach! In addition, we recommend to visit the neighboring islands of Paxi and Antipaxi, famous for their luxury and beauty.


3. Athens

A date with the city of irresistible contrasts

Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

Of course, a city vacation choice in Athens couldn’t be absent from our list. After all, it’s also a romantic destination! If you’ve never been to the Acropolis and its world-famous museum, you should definitely fix that. In fact, if you and your spouse are culture lovers, the diversity of Athens’ museums and galleries will not leave you indifferent.

One of the favorite things to do on such a vacation is to walk around the picturesque Acropolis: Plaka, Anafiotica, Monastiraki, Tissio and Psirri. Here you can find a wide selection of bars with terraces for an evening cocktail or a romantic dinner overlooking the Acropolis. Don’t miss out on a gastronomic tour of Athens! After all, this tour will not only allow you to taste the delicious flavors, but it will also introduce you to the creative people behind the magnificent variety of new delicatessen eateries and concept bars in the city. And after dark, of course, you can dive into the nightlife in one of Athens’ popular neighborhoods with trendy bars.


Discover all the secrets of Athens’ inhabitants!

If you’re in the mood for solitude in Athens, just buy yourself an ice cream or a box of “lukumades” (fresh doughnuts with honey and nuts) and head to one of the city’s beautiful parks. to relax in silence, sitting on a bench. Athens’ parks aren’t immediately striking, but they are worth seeing. And why not also take a cable car ride to the top of Lycabetus Hill, where you can admire the best sunset in the city.

During the summer, Athens will also delight you with its coastline. The Athenian Riviera – continues to the southernmost point of Attica, Cape SounionOn the way you will meet Lake Vouliagmeni and many beaches just 30 minutes from the center.  You can stay on the beach for cocktails or even dinner. What about a boat trip to one of the nearby islands? There are regular ferries from Piraeus, but you can also book a day tour and visit 2 or 3 islands at once!


4. Mykonos

An island that takes your breath away!

Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

And now back to the Cyclades again, to the one and only Mykonos. After all, it’s another magical honeymoon destination. Couples from all over the world come here to combine fun with rest and relaxation (surrounded by luxury and VIP services).

But before joining in the glamorous entertainment, we suggest just taking a stroll through the streets of the main city – It’s rightfully one of the most romantic places in Greece! The view from the windmills, the pretty little streets, the different stores and art galleries and the morning coffee or evening cocktail in the Little Venice… It’s all just divine!

Mycons is also famous for its beach vacation. It’s legendary! You must have heard about the famous beaches of Mykonos: : Psarrou, Paradis and Super Paradis, Paraga and Ornos.  This is not a complete list.  If you want to find more secluded places during a romantic vacation, you can see the beaches recommended by locals themselves.


How to feel Mykonos as “your” island?

Of course, a vacation in Mykonos is impossible to imagine without a romantic dinner and an active nightlife. That’s why we’ve done a little research and found for you the best restaurants and places for nightlife in Mykonos And what do you think about adding a little culture? Why not take a trip to the neighboring island of Delos, with its fascinating archaeological site. If you want to have time to swim in the secluded beach, then you should choose a tour, which includes in its program and the island of Rhenia. And for those who wish to take a short hike, we can offer a trail that leads to the village of Ano Mera and to the lighthouse at Cape Armenistis, to see the magnificent sunset.


5. Crete

Not just an island, but a way of life.

Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

Crete has a unique ability to convince visitors of its way of life. This trait can be felt everywhere on the island, both in the cosmopolitan cities of Chania, Heraklion and Refimno, but also in luxury resorts like Elounda and throughout the beautiful region of Agios Nikolaos. For a romantic vacation you might like to take a walk through the historical part of Rethymno and Chania. It will be unforgettable! The Venetian character of the buildings and the narrow streets will transport you to another era. In the whole Crete it’s hard to find a better place for a dinner or an evening cocktail than in the Venetian harbors or the surrounding lanes of the castles of both of these cities


The best beaches of Crete and exotic boat trips

Crete is famous for its photogenic beaches.  Whichever beach you choose, we’re sure it will be your favorite. You can choose from the world-famous beaches of Balos, Elafonisi, Preveli, Triopetra, Falasarna, Seitan Limani, Agiofarango and the palm-fringed beaches of Vai. For an even more secluded spot, we recommend a boat trip to Loutro beach and the exotic islands of Chrysi and Koufonisi.


If you love good food and wine, you love Crete!

The Cretan way of life is based on delicious cuisine that uses fresh local products in its recipes. We advise you to explore the wine trails of Heraklion or take a gastronomic tour of Chania. But we must admit that your whole vacation in Crete will be like a huge culinary tour, especially when you get to know the local dishes in one of the traditional tavernas, usually located on the seashore or in a mountain village.

If you want to add more to your vacation, just say the word and Crete will fulfill your wish at once! Do you want culture? You are welcome! The palace of Knossos just outside Heraklion, or the island of Spinalonga near Agios Nikolaos?


6. Rhodes

Medieval Romance and Abundance of Flavors

Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

At the bottom of our list is Rhodes, one of the most spectacular islands of the Dodecanese chain and a great choice for a romantic vacation in Greece. Start off your vacation with a walking tour of the medieval Old Town, of course. Imagine that you are strolling through the cobblestone streets among the fortresses and castles under the light of lanterns. Just imagine the knights themselves coming to meet you on horseback! And the best place to see the whole of Rhodes from above, is Lindos, especially if you come up to the acropolis. Just below is the beach of Agios Pavlos, ideal for couples in love, who want to relax over a cocktail or a small dinner, while admiring the view of the ancient citadel.

Want even more privacy? We can offer boat tours to unusual beach locations. And if you want a completely individual program, then we advise you to rent a boat with the services of a skipper. The most striking beaches are Callithea, sandy beaches Tsambika and Agafi, as well as the beach with the intriguing name Anthony Quinn.

Medieval Walled City

Rhodes is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Old Town, within the walls of which you can explore the charms of this underrated Greek city. Stroll through the cobbled alleys and admire the centuries-old architecture and grand churches. Don’t forget to check out the Street of the Knights, birthplace of some of Europe’s most renowned orders! Don’t forget to head for a taste test at one of many traditional taverns delving into traditional dishes and desserts. And if you want a break from city life there are plenty of hidden spots waiting for you in Rhodes!

Turquoise Waters

When it comes down to it, nothing beats spending quality time together with your partner by the waterfront. From crystal clear waters to diverse wildlife, there’s no doubt that Rhodes is one of the best places in all Greece for couples who love being on or near water. For swimming and sun worshippers head over to Tsambika beach located on the east coast which offers gorgeous views and warm azure waters. If you’re after a more active experience then hire some equipment like kayaks or SUP boards and take off along one of its many bays, coves or inlets for an adventure like no other!

Interweaving of cultures and unexpected flavors

The cuisine of Rhodes cannot be overlooked, reflecting the mix of cultural trends that have influenced the history of this island. A culinary tour of Rhodes will introduce you to all these trends and also tell you about the unusual wine tradition of the island (because there are four registered wines with protected status).  And why not also go to the island of Symi, one of the hidden gems of the Dodecanese? Hardly your other half will be able to resist such a vivid experience!


7. Thessaloniki

The big-hearted city in Northern Greece

Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

Best Places to Visit in Greece for Couples

It is no coincidence that Thessaloniki is considered one of the most romantic places for city vacations in Greece. First of all, in this bright and shining city you can experience literally everything. And in addition, nearby is the resort peninsula of Halkidiki, where your romantic vacation in the summer months will flow smoothly.

Start with the wonderful view from the White Tower, then take a romantic walk along the promenade. As you get closer and closer to the city, you will realize that Thessaloniki is one of those cities that is like an open-air museum. You can also book a gastronomic tour of the city, every minute of which is a delight.

Thessaloniki offers an endless choice of bars and terraces where you can have a cocktail, a glass of wine or an alcoholic beverage. Speaking of wine, Thessaloniki has wineries that are open to the public ? And if you would like to know more about this fascinating region of Greece, you should know that near Thessaloniki there are several other great tourist destinations just 60 minutes away.

Exotic Beaches and Villages of Halkidiki

A vacation in Thessaloniki in summer has a number of advantages. After all, very close to the city is the resort area of Halkidiki, where you will have the opportunity to choose a new beach for every day of your vacation. Some of them are worth spending a whole day on or a few days getting to know the region.  We are sure that you cannot take your eyes away from the beaches of Possidi in Kassandra, Kavourotrips in Sithonia or the exotic beaches of Amouliani island which you can visit by booking a boat trip. In addition there are many picturesque villages and even more vineyards and wineries which are open to the public. This area of Greece is perfect for couples in love!


8. Skiathos

Romantic atmosphere and a magical beach

The island of Skiathos in Sporades chain will seduce you with its gorgeousness. First of all, the capital of the island is ideal for romantic walks in which you can have a look in the stores or in a restaurant. In the evening head to the Bourtzi area (a small, verdant peninsula that separates the port from the rest of the city) for a cocktail and a delicious snack.

The beaches of the island are famous for their sea shimmering. Particularly the cosmopolitan style beaches of Koukounaryes Vromolimnos and Mandraki (where we recommend to stay until sunset). The beaches of Tsugria, Mikros and Megalos Aselinos and the secluded Elia beach are also worth mentioning. Finally, the world famous beach of Lalaria, which can be accessed by boat. Skiathos is also a great place for a short vacation. It has an airport with domestic and international flights, as well as regular sea connections to the island of Evia and the mainland city of Volos.


9. Milos

A place of heavenly beauty, just for two of you!

And here we are back to the Cyclades Cyclades Milos, which is especially loved by couples and young people. Colorful fishing villages, picturesque Cycladic lodges and great local cuisine. And the beaches! It’s something unimaginable! The lunar landscape in Sarakiniko (the August full moon there is probably the most romantic scenery in the whole island), the idyllic Papafragas beach and the cosmopolitan place Firiplaka are some of the best beaches in the whole world.

And what to say about the sea tour around the island of Milos The beaches of Kleftiko, Tsigrado and Gerakas, which can be reached by sea, are magical places for bathing. You can also stay for lunch in one of the seaside tavernas of Pollonia, go for a walk in the picturesque streets of Tripiti and Plaka (Chora) and enjoy the sunset by going up to the fortress. There are lovely cocktail bars overlooking the Aegean Sea.

In the villages of Klima, Mandrakia and Firopotamos there are colorful coves with awnings for boats. These pictures will blow up your Instagram!  And if you want to find more secluded places, we recommend to book Kimolos and other nearby islets.

Here’s why you should consider Milos for your Greek getaway:

  1. Authentic Village Atmosphere: Located in the Cyclades, Milos has an old-world charm that is apparent in its dozens of fishing villages, many of which date back hundreds of years. Local taverns serve up delicious home-cooked meals made with fresh ingredients, while generous portions of wine and ouzo ensure that every night out on Milos is a memorable one.
  2. A Variety Of Breathtaking Beaches: With over 70 beaches, there’s something for everyone in Milos. Adrenaline seekers will love the rocky coves where they can practice their cliff diving skills, while those seeking relaxation can lounge away on more tranquil shores like Plathiena or Pollonia with their significant other.
  3. Endless Natural Wonders: From breathtaking sea caves to towering limestone cliffs, Milos boasts some of Greece’s most majestic natural sights. For couples looking to explore together, there are plenty of hiking paths and even boat tours to give them a firsthand look at some truly unique views .

When it comes to picturesque getaways for couples, look no further than Milos!


11. Minor Cyclades

Paradise in miniature

If you want to have a romantic vacation in Greece and escape in complete privacy, then we suggest you a “secret” destination (you must promise not to tell anyone about it) that is the Lesser Cyclades, a chain of small islands, where you will find the same wonderful atmosphere as you find in the starry “big brothers” of this famous island chain, but you will be peaceful and relaxed there.

Thus, the islands

Koufonisi (Ano Koufonisi and Kato Koufonisi) are a couple of small islands with exotic beaches and delicious local food. The islands are directly connected to the port of Piraeus and the other Cycladic Islands like Naxos, Amorgos, Mykonos and Santorini. Ano Koufonisi is slightly more developed than its second sister island.

Here you can enjoy the crystal clear waters on the beaches of Pisina, Italida, Pori (with the caves of Xylombati), Fanos, Finikas, etc.

Apart from swimming in the Aegean Sea and resting on the soft sand, you will love the freshly cooked food in the local tavernas, walks in the whitewashed streets of Chora, the capital, and the magnificent sunsets with a cocktail in hand on the beach of Pori or the Church of Elias the Prophet. The neighboring island of Kato Koufonisi is only 10 minutes away by boat. There you can find the even more secluded beaches of Laki, Detis and Pezoulias. There is only one tavern on this island.

Among the other hidden gems of the Lesser Cyclades are the islands of Donoussa, Donoussa Islands, where you can go on a full vacation or include them as points in the program of island tours. All these islands are well connected to each other, as well as to Pano Koufonissi and Naxos.


12. Astypalea

Fluttering with love… On the wings of a butterfly

Once you’re in Astypalea, you might think you’re back in the Cyclades. And this is absolutely forgivable, because here reigns the same Cycladic charm. But the energy and solitude radiating from the white cube houses and the unspoiled natural beauty of the beaches remind you that this is the Dodecanese Walk through the main town of the island (Chora), climbing up from the historic port of Pera Yalos. The windmills and courtyards with flowering geraniums are so exquisite and the view over the Aegean Sea from the Venetian fortress is so magical, you will be overwhelmed by the surrounding beauty!

There is a beach for every taste on the island. Astypalea, which is shaped like a butterfly, is famous for its sandy beaches like Váces and Kaminakia, which have both an organized part with deckchairs and umbrellas as well as areas with natural shade. Livadi beach is also recommended, with a good view of Chora and the fort. Among the more remote beaches, you can find Agios Konstantinos, or Pera Ialos and Agios Ioannis which can be accessed by boat.

Astypalea is one of those islands that are ideal for romantic walks and excursions. The seaside villages of Maltesana and Vafi (the more secluded one) will also seem particularly interesting. The local cuisine is so delicious that you may feel as if the locals have invited you to their family table, when the tavern will serve you meat cooked on a slow fire, as well as vegetable dishes that reflect all the richness of the Mediterranean climate.


13. Monemvasia

The fortress city where dreams come true.

If you are looking for romantic castles that make you want to believe in miracles, then you should choose Monemvassia, located in a secluded peninsula on the edge of the Peloponnese, you can reach it from Athens in 4 hours. It’s one of the best preserved fortress cities in Greece and is perfect for a romantic vacation and honeymoon.

Every corner of this castle fills you with some special feeling. The view of the Aegean Sea from the high fortress, the arched passages in the streets, the ruins of medieval gates and churches – every corner gives mystery to the overall landscape.

It also has all the ingredients for a romantic vacation: boutique hotels and luxurious villas, elegant taverns and restaurants.  You will also be enchanted by the cafes and art workshops in the main street, the magnificent mansions in the upper town, and, of course, the nearby beaches of Ambelakia, Gefira and Pori.

While here, in the south of the Peloponnese, you could take a short boat trip to the tiny island of Elafonissos which you can reach in just 1,5 hours. From the port of Puntas you will reach the island of Simos, where you will find not one but two sandy beaches of paradise.


The 12 most romantic destinations in Greece

We hope that you liked our catalog of the most romantic places in Greece, chosen in order to help Cupid get to your heart. Depending on your mood and preferences, you can choose the right one for a vacation with your other half, for an anniversary celebration or a honeymoon. Of course, there are other destinations that will also suit young couples. So don’t stop getting to know Greece and its magical places to create your own list of the most romantic places.