7 Best Greek Islands for Nightlife


Seven Best Greek Islands for Nightlife Lovers

European partygoers know Greece not only as a beach destination, but also as a country with a vibrant nightlife. Some cities and islands in Greece are literally oriented to partying around the clock. Here come the lovers of bars, clubs and fun until dawn from all parts of the world. Even the world’s stars don’t forget to visit Greece during the summer season. Which of the Greek destinations for a night out are considered favorites among tourists?

Best Greek Islands for Nightlife

Best Greek Islands for Nightlife

1. Crete

Crete is full of opportunities not only for excursions, but also for fun. The main party resorts here are two – Malya and Hersonissos. The latter has a “softer” nightlife, so this resort is perfect for the older tourists – everyone will love Hersonissos. Along the city port there is a strip of bars, traditional tavernas and clubs. Frequent guests at this resort are vacationers from Western Europe. Disco bars and many establishments of Hersonissos are open until morning and most of them are free to enter, the profits come from the drinks you buy.

However, Hersonissos will please not only those who are ready to dance wildly to the tracks of DJs. Here you will find places with lounge music or dance floors, where you can learn how to salsa. Tired of the silence, many take their drinks with them and go to tables by the sea. Another clubbing capital of Crete is Malia. When night falls, the partying begins and does not end until morning. The parties here, as in Hersonissos, are often free and even the souvenir stores do not close until midnight. To be at the epicenter of Malia’s nightlife, but occasionally be able to get a break from the noise, it is worth settling on the outskirts of this town.

2. Kos

Nestled in the center of the Aegean Sea, Kos is known as the jewel of the Dodecanese islands. It successfully preserves the classic Greek charm and at the same time keeps up with Crete in the number of parties. Kardamena is considered to be the center of events. This town is full of bars and taverns, among which it is easy to find something to your liking. There are bars for blues lovers, there is an alternative for those who prefer the music of the 60s, and there are options for fans of dance music. In general, on Kos (including the capital and its Bar Street), many clubs have been operating for more than 30 years. Therefore, the nightlife on the island is of very high quality: drunken scenes or even more so fights are not to be found.


3. Corfu


Corfu also has its own party center, Kavos. It attracts young people and popular DJs, and noisy parties don’t stop until the end of the season. There are plenty of outdoor clubs where you can dance to the stars. You’ll also find cute bars and beachside taverns in Guvia. Especially worth checking out places with Greek music. There are Mexican, British, Italian and even Chinese restaurants and bars. Ipsos is a city of diverse retro-style parties, loud discos, karaoke bars and quiet evenings in the harbor. Finally, Corfu has a nightlife as well, only more relaxed. Evenings here are spent on Liston promenade, in the clubs of the harbor and in the villages near the capital.


4. Zakynthos


There are three towns on Zakynthos at once where you should look for fun parties. In Argassi they are concentrated along the main road with bars and restaurants, where you should visit a Greek evening and enjoy the traditional cuisine. Since Zakynthos has long been popular only among the British, all resorts have many establishments in the “English” style, such as pubs and dance floors. Tsilivi is another cozy town with a mass of establishments. In the evening, life in the village is just beginning: the bars open and there is a luna park for children. But in Tsilivi the parties are more restrained, so the vacation is suitable for families. But Laganas is the most fun place of Zakynthos. Here you will find snack bars, sports pubs, discos and karaoke restaurants.


5. Mykonos


There is probably no better place to party. It is everywhere on Mykonos: there are also secluded places, but the island can yield only to Ibiza in terms of nightlife. Since Mykonos is obviously inferior to the mainland and many islands by the number of attractions, they decided to focus on parties. And they literally do not cease. By night time the island comes to life and becomes silent only in the morning. After that, the vacationers disperse and wake up by noon to have time for beach parties. Then again, a short break and so on ad infinitum. By the way, the most noisy of beaches is Paradise, where the famous club is located.


6. Athens


As any capital city should, Athens is the city that is considered the most successful on the mainland in terms of partying. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the fact that prices in local establishments are lower than in the resorts. That’s because the locals also like to party – they hit the streets closer to night. Athens clubs mostly open after 9 p.m., although some start early. If you’re tired of fancy DJs, it’s worth spending a night at bouzouki, a kind of touch of the Greek soul and a chance to understand how the people of this country have fun and what they do for a living.


7. Thessaloniki


The main competitor of the capital is Thessaloniki. It is a city of young people, where nightlife is loved even more than in other Greek regions. Restaurants and clubs should be sought along the seafront (it’s crowded even in the morning), in the area of Ladadika with its lively bars and tavernas, and in Valaoritos-Sigros with jazz and rock venues.